Marvel Snap: An Ultimate 6-cost Cards Tier List

A collage of 9 cards in Marvel Snap, 6 cost cards

Greeting fellow snappers! Today I will be ranking 6-cost cards in a tier list order. Before we begin, just a few words about the list itself: I have ranked the cards based on two criteria: How well they performer in current game meta and in how many decks you can actually use them. Sure, all the cards (well except Agatha) do have their niche usages but today I will be ranking them based on how many of those usages they actually have. Getting into Infinite Rank in Marvel Snap can be challenging and this article is a good place to start if you are struggling – so, without further ado, check out our tier list of 6-cost cards in Marvel Snap. 



She Hulk marvel snap

Technically, She-Hulk is a six-cost card but most of the time you will be able to use it for less than that. This card has been in meta for more than half a year and that’s why it is in S-Tier. There are decks in which She-Hulk is simply a staple card, such as High Evolutionary decks as well as certain Moon Girl decks. Even if you don’t have a deck especially designed for She-Hulk, you can still use this card in numerous other occasions – sometimes you simply won’t be able to play a card and you can slam it the next turn for a low-cost. Sometimes, the locations will be in her favor; in the end of the day, slamming 10 power on Turn 6 is still a decent power output so you have nothing to lose if you put She-Hulk in many deck archetypes. 


Hela Card marvel snap

Although Hela has been in and out of meta, being a staple card, I decided to put her in S- Tier of this list. The reason is the fact that the discard decks have been strong for few seasons now and, with the addition of Super Giant, Hela Living Tribunal is back in meta, Hela being the key card there. Not just that, but there are also several variations of discard decks that you can use such as Classic Drakula (although it has been nerfed), and Morbius Collector with Hela. Furthermore, most of those decks have insane cube ratio as opponents sometimes miss the fact that Hela might be your final card, giving you 8 cubes. 

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom card

Doctor Doom is another card on our 6-cost card tier list that is in meta right now. The reason is it’s versatility with many decks, most of which are related to location control. Although War Machine has nerfed location control decks a bit, it is still possible to use Doctor Doom with War Machine (providing that you play War Machine on Turn 4). Doctor Doom is in most decks just a support card but the sheer amount of decks that have been running him is what makes him S-Tier on our list. 


Infinaut marvel snap

Similarly to Doctor Doom, Infinaut is S-Tier because of his versatility and usage options in several decks. High Evolutionary, Discard, Hela, even location control decks are all running Infinaut in them. The card itself doesn’t look too strong as you need to skip one turn in order to play it but combined with discard effects or War Machine, Infinaut is truly a force to be reconned with. 



Thanos card

One of the Big Bads, Thanos has been a weird card ever since it appeared. It was nerfed somewhere last summer, but ever since then, it has been in and out of the meta until present day. The reason why Thanos is so high on our tier list of six-cost cards is because, first of all, it offers versatility with his six Infinity Stones that are shuffled in your deck if he is in play. Those stones have many synergies with various cards, perhaps the most obvious one is with Mockingbird. Thanos decks are one of the most interesting ones to play with because you can use those decks as tempo decks, or you can even use them as toxic decks. Finally, Thanos is a staple card, meaning that Thanos decks cannot work without Thanos. 



The reason why Knull is in the A tier of our tier list is because Destroy decks have been in meta in Marvel Snap for over 8 months now, and they’re still pretty strong. Whenever you’re climbing the Infinite ladder, you’re bound to encounter many of these decks, and they’re equally represented in conquest mode of the game. Now, Knull (along with Death) is a staple card in these decks, and they simply cannot work without it, or at least not work as good as when those cards are in. There’s not much to say about Knull except that the synergy between destroyed cards and its effect is obvious, and you should definitely exploit it if you can.



Magneto has never been a staple card, nor does it have a so-called Magneto deck. However, it’s a fact that moving three cost cards on the final turn, along with 12 power, which it has, is a game-changer in many ways. The strange thing is that Magneto decks usually do not have a very high win rate, but they do have a very high cube win rate. The reason is that most players do not anticipate the Magneto play on turn 6, and that’s what makes the difference in terms of cubes. The card itself is not the strongest one in the game by any chance, but if you play it right, it will be the game-changer. Most of the time you will use Magneto in move type of decks such as Aero deck, but it can be used in control decks as well.



Galactus is a staple card, and on a personal note, Galactus is a super fun card to play with and a super annoying one to play against. Its effect looks probably like the most powerful one in the game; however, it’s super easy to counter it, and it’s super easy to predict where and when the opponent will slam him. It works best in toxic decks with Goblins, and especially with Allioth. However, it’s a very niche card, and you really do need the right set of circumstances in order to use it.

Red Hulk

Red Hulk

Red Hulk is the newest addition, a card that came out in April 2024. Maybe it’s too soon to say, but the card looks really good. The sheer amount of power that it grants is amazing, and even if it does not get buffed, it will still be a viable play for turn 6. That being said, I’ve found that many players are saying that the card will probably get nerfed, so it’s safe to put it in the A tier until we see how Red Hulk performs in the current game meta.



Blob was simply too powerful when it came out. The amount of power that it could get with its effect was just too much, so the card got nerfed. Probably this is where Blob should be right now. It is a good card. You can pretty much slam it at any point in most of the decks and it’s gonna be decent. It’s not gonna be insanely good as it was in December 2023, but it will serve as a nice power output. That being said, Blob decks have fallen out of the meta, so this is the reason why Blob is not in the S tier of our list



Similarly to Magneto, Orca does not have an Orca deck. And more similarly to Magneto, Orca also does not have a very high win rate but does bring a lot of cubes. Slamming Orca on an empty location on the final turn yields incredible 16 power, which as you can assume can surprise your opponents quite a lot. Even if you don’t manage to slam it on an empty location, you will still get 11 power, which is decent. That’s why I decided to put it so high on our six-cost card tier list in Marvel Snap. Most of the time, Orca is used in location control decks, as you really need space for it to be played right. So it cannot be used in toxic decks, no, it cannot be used in clogger decks, and it’s pretty easy to counter it. But again, no one really anticipates Orca play on the final turn, so that’s why I put it so high on my list.




Giganto is, at first glance, a card with very limited capabilities. Although it does have 14 power, it comes with the crippling effect of being able to come into play only in the left location. Since that is the case, having Giganto just for sheer power is probably not a very good idea. That being said, Giganto does have its uses in many decks, such as discard decks, like Hela Living Tribunal or War Machine decks. As I’ve said, the card is limited, so it only has niche use.



Odin is a great card for beginners. The reason for this is the fact that, although it does have an amazing ability to activate on-reveal effects on all cards in the location where it is played, that sort of play is highly predictable. Whenever you see Wong, as well as one or two other on-reveal cards, you know that Odin is coming on turn six. Furthermore, since its effect is on-reveal, it’s easy to counter it, and that’s why this card is in our B-tier of Marvel Snap six-cost card tier lists.



I know that some readers will disagree, but I think the Helicarrier is a good card at the moment. There are reasons why I decided to put it in the B tier of our tier list. Namely, the card is pretty useless on its own. However, due to the fact that the Dracula deck is no longer viable and that the only discard option besides Hela is the one that involves Morbius and Collector, the Helicarrier is the only option for a six-cost card here. So, discarding it in a deck like that would mean that the Helicarrier would grant better versatility since its effect will give you a random number of cards that you will be able to play in the next turn, but also will grant additional buffs to the Collector. This deck is in the current game meta, so that’s the only reason why the Helicarrier is not lower on our list.



Skaar is a rather new card, having been in the game for less than 3 months, and is still finding its place in the current game meta. The card is overall decent. More often than not, you will be able to play it as a 4-cost card, mostly because of Shang-Chi and counter-decks, Skaar is a very risky play. So it is to be expected that these decks, the ones with Skaar, and relying on 10 or more power cards, do have a high win rate, but also a low cube rate, meaning that you would often get countered, mostly, as I’ve said, by Shang-Chi. That’s why this card is in the B tier of our Marvel Snap 6-cost card tier list.

Arnim Zola

Arnim Zola

Arnim Zola is, simply put, a good card but with better options to choose from. So, Arnim Zola works best in two types of decks: Wong and Destroy decks. In Destroy decks, Knull and Death are simply the better and safer options. And in Wong decks, Arnim Zola sometimes feels too clunky and unpredictable due to the fact that it destroys and copies a random card. When it works, it works really well, especially with Black Panther. But overall, it’s predictable, easy to counter, and that’s why it’s a very niche card.



Onslaught is a great beginner card. It works well in ongoing decks, and it works great in pretty much all decks with Iron Man. The reason why he is not higher on our 6-cost cards in the Marvel Snap tier list is the fact that this kind of play is very predictable and very easy to counter. Although the win rate might be pretty good, the cube rate will not be similar since your opponents will mostly retreat when they see Iron Man on one lane and Onslaught on turn 6 (providing that Magik is in play and there is a 7 turn of the game). Again, similarly to Living Tribunal, this card is good, but only if you play it at the right moment, and only if the opponent does not see it coming, and that’s highly unlikely.



Alioth was, and still is, the most annoying card in the game. The reason why it is not higher on our list is that it got nerfed more times than I can count. It was insanely strong in fall last year, and it was super annoying to see everyone running the card. Alioth works best in tempo decks, so if you can have priority and win conditions on one or preferably both locations before turn 6, Alioth is probably the best card to play on the final turn. However, as I said, it got nerfed, it’s still decent, but Alioth decks are not in the current game meta. On a personal note, I honestly hope they will never be back in meta again.



Since Hulk is more like a meme card, and a beginner one, no one will actually just put Hulk for its sheer power, as he has no effect, and it’s a stock card. Obviously, Hulk works great in High Evolutionary decks, but that’s not the Hulk which we are talking about; that’s the one which was upgraded by the High Evolutionary ability. Not much more to say, except that the green monster is good for beginners and in high evolutionary decks, and that’s why it’s in our B tier of our Marvel Snap Six-Cost Cards tier list.

The Living Tribunal

the living tribunal

Living Tribunal is, as I’ve said, similar to Onslaught in terms of game mechanics. This card works well in two decks, and those are the one with Hela, and the other one with Onslaught. The only reason why this card is not lower on our list is because of Hela decks, since all its other usages are either predictable or simply not strong enough. Generally speaking, dividing your power equally into three locations is not a good idea, and this is exactly what Living Tribunal does. The only viable option is to have an insane amount of power on one location, and that’s only possible, again, with Onslaught and Iron Man.




Heimdall is a very good beginner card; however, the main issue with this card is the fact that it pretty much only works in a move kind of deck, and not even so much in a Phoenix move, more in a basic move type of deck. When I tried to test Heimdall in many other decks, it seems that his effect is simply too clunky and unreliable, unless you’re running, again, a basic move kind of deck, and those are pretty low in the current game meta. All of these are the reasons why Heimdall is in the C tier of our 6-cost cards in Marvel Snap tier list.



If this tier list was made three months ago, Apocalypse would have surely ended up in the A tier. However, it has been nerfed several times since the end of last year. First, with the Dracula nerf, and second, he got his own nerf a few months ago. Now, the card just feels so unreliable and outdated that it’s better to use alternatives, such as the Helicarrier, in discard types of decks. Another reason why it’s so low is the fact that it only works in one type of deck, and even there it doesn’t work so well. Hopefully, Apocalypse will be back in the future game meta, but we’ll just have to wait for this card to change.



Spectrum is a great beginner card. Spectrum decks are probably the best ones for beginner decks in Marvel Snap, and you should definitely run Spectrum if you’re starting the game. However, in the current game meta, Spectrum will probably not get you into the infinite rank if that’s what you’re aiming for. The reason is the fact that, first of all, it only works in ongoing decks, and those can be very predictable. Secondly, it can work in location control-based decks, but there are better alternatives, even with lower-cost cards.



Destroyer is a staple card that can only work and be played in a Destroyer type of deck. You should never include Destroyer in any other kind of deck because it simply won’t work; it’s going to destroy your own cards. The reason why Destroyer is in the C tier is pretty much the same as the reason why Apocalypse is in this tier as well, and that’s the fact that it only works in one type of deck and doesn’t even work that well. So, in order for Destroyer to be more useful, it really needs more versatility or more power. Currently, the C tier is the highest this card can go.



I was in doubt if Leader should be in the C or D tier of our 6-cost card tier list in Marvel Snap. The reason why this card is, well, let’s be honest, not good, is the fact that your end play pretty much depends on your opponent’s end play. That means that you need to have some kind of deck, probably a tempo deck, which will have the upper hand before the final turn so that the Leader can simply mimic what your opponent did. Even if that’s the case, most of the cards in Marvel Snap are considered “good” because they have synergies with other cards. As your Leader will copy your opponent’s card, that probably means that the copied card will not give you the same benefit as it did to your opponent, unless you have a completely identical deck, which obviously you do not since you have Leader in it. To conclude, Leader is a very niche card; it’s fun to use, but this card needs to be reworked, or at least it needs to be buffed in order for it to be higher in this tier list.


Agatha Harkness


Agatha is, let’s be honest, a meme card. It’s like having Ego take over, but just for your play, not your opponent’s play. So there is simply not a reliable option to go for. The most reliable thing that you can do with Agatha is leave her out of your deck because it won’t work. Just trust me on this, it will not work. Sometimes I do like to experiment with it in conquest mode since I don’t want to lose cubes when I’m climbing the infinite ladder. But whenever I do that, I just lose the game. So if you disagree, that’s fine. But in my experience, Agatha’s bottom place on our tier list is well-deserved.



The reason why Ultron is at the bottom of our list is simply because there are better options than him. First of all, Ultron can only work well in a Patriot deck, and Patriot decks are pretty low in the current game meta. Secondly, even in the Patriot deck, there are better alternatives to Ultron, and its play is highly predictable. Thirdly, it’s easy to counter this card. There’s not much more to say about Ultron except the fact that its low win rate and even worse kill rate are why it’s so low in our tier list.

Image Credits: Nuverse, Marvel Snap

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