Marvel Snap Wong Deck Ultimate Guide [November 2023]

Marvel Snap Wong Deck

In Marvel Snap Wong Deck is a unique and interesting deck to play, so if you haven’t had a chance, you should try it. If you’re new to the game check out our Marvel Snap beginner guide because for these decks you will need several pool 3 cards which you might not have if you are just starting the game. As you probably know, Wong has an Ongoing ability: On Reveal abilities at this location happen twice. The key to this deck archetype is using his ongoing ability to either summon additional power or buff up existing cards. Today we will discuss several Wong deck types and based on your card pool you can decide to try some of them. Without further ado, check out what this deck archetype is all about and why it is one of the current meta decks in Marvel Snap.

Strategies and Counters for Wong Deck

Marvel Snap Wong Deck

As the saying goes, we’ll start with the Good, while the Bad and the Ugly will wait for a second. The good part of Marvel Snap Wong Decks is that basically, any On Reveal card is welcome, as the effects happen twice. The second good thing about this deck archetype is the fact that you can impact and upgrade all three locations at once; for example, if you play Wong and after that Ironheart, who gives 3 other friendly cards +2 Power, do the math and you’ll see. Some cards with the best power output are Ironheart, Black Panther, White Tiger, and Odin. Unlike Move or Destroy Decks, this might be a bit more unpredictable as the 1 and 2 cost cards can’t give your opponent a clear hint at what deck you’re playing with.

Now here comes the Bad and The Ugly part: There are many counters for this deck. Cards that counter Wong Decks are Enchantress and Cosmo, just to name a few. Enchantress can stop all Ongoing effects (Wong), and Cosmo can stop all On Reveal effects on that location. Having priority is the key and it favors the deck, but it doesn’t mean it’s a game-changer like in Galactus or Alioth Decks. Professor X can be a bit tricky to handle, especially if you play with Arnim Zola. Remember that nothing can be moved or played after Professor X closes a location. If you have Mystique, it can also be a great counter for cards such as Enchantress and Cosmo. Mystique copies an Ongoing effect from your card. America Chavez is another pretty useful card that you might add to your deck. Her ability is that she’ll start at the bottom of your deck and you’ll draw her at the beginning of turn 6. This might also be a good counter for Leech.

Marvel Snap Wong Deck Tips, Tricks, and  Synergies

  • Kamar – Taj location is probably the one that’ll make you a force to be reckoned with. This will allow your On Reveal effects to quadruple. This is also the case with Onslaughter’s Citadel which doubles all Ongoing effects. 
  • If you play a Nightcrawler as your first card your opponent will most likely think that you’re playing a Move Deck. Nightcrawler’s ability to move might come in handy if you fill the Wong location with other cards. That’s when you can move Nightcrawler to play another card instead.
  • Try to build up some power before Wong comes into play. You can use Medusa or similar cards to do so. It’s important that you have something in place before you play Wong not just because of potential counters but also because of the Ironheart effect. 
  • Black Panther is good in many Wong decks as it’ll double its power 2 times and you’ll instantly have +16 power next to Wong. If you have Zola that’ll be even better as you’ll be able to teleport it to other locations and have an even better score.
  • White Tiger is one of the best cards alongside Black Panther as it’ll send 2 x 8 power tigers to 2 other random locations. With the help of Odin, you can fill the whole screen with Tigers.
  • Generally speaking, Wong should be a player as soon as you get it. That being said, try not to build it up too much: we often see players playing Wong on turn 4, followed by Mystique on turn 5 which makes turn 6 extremely predictable – always think about your opponent’s play and try to counter it. You can use Storm or counter cards to force the opponent’s hand and stop the Wong-counter play before it’s too late. 
  • Keep in mind that any On Reveal card in combination with Wong and Odin is a game-changer. Just make sure that your other locations are empty or are not blocked since most of the time Tigers and Panthers need space to grow.

Tiger Wong Deck

All-time Classic Wong - White Tiger Deck

Keycards:  Ironheart, Wolfsbane, Wong, White Tiger, Odin, America Chavez

Support cards: Iceman, Korg, Nightcrawler, Scorpion, Wave, Angela

Deck Code:


This Marvel Snap Wong deck is a no-brainer and it’s pretty simple to play with. What you want to get here is a perfect alignment of cards to play which includes Wong – White Tiger – Odin. This will fill all the other locations with 8+ tigers and you’ll most likely win. There are plenty of problems that can occur along the way like if other players close the locations, etc. That’s why you must have America Chavez and she’s also great if you don’t get the Odin. Wolfsbane is also an On Reveal card that gives +2 for every other card you have at that location. It’s not the best pick especially if you’re waiting for Odin or White Tiger, but with the double On Reveal effect, it’s a great power output. If you mix that with Ironheart and it’s turn 6 you’ll have much higher chances of beating your opponent. Wave is pretty awesome as she’ll set all card costs to 4.

You can change cards in this Wong deck since a lot of cards have different On Reveal effects and that’s especially true for Korg, Iceman. Nightcrawler can be moved so he might come in handy for tricking your opponent at first or for using him as bait for Wong. You can fill the location with Nightcrawler, Corg, Iceman, and Wong; after which you can move Nightcrawler and play any card that’ll have its On Reveal effect doubled. This is the worst-case scenario but it is effective nonetheless. Be aware that these tactics should change since you’ll need to understand in due time what decks are you playing against. Another tip here is that many people exchange Jubille, as she can summon one card or even two if combined with Wong.

Panther Wong Deck

Wong - Black Panther Deck

Keycards: Zabu, Jubilee, Mystique, Magik, Black Panther, Wong, White Tiger, Odin, America Chavez

Support cards: Sunspot, Iceman, Scoripion

Deck Code:


This deck is probably one of the most popular decks out there and it’s pretty good as it offers two Wongs with the help of Mystique. If this is the case then you’ve killed two birds with one stone. This’ll help you win two locations for sure if they aren’t already taken or destroyed. Zabu is an excellent choice for 3rd move to lower your 4 card cost. If you don’t have Zabu you can use some other energy booster card like Psylocke to give you +1 next turn. Jubilee is a card that can save you or curse you, that’s why you should always know all the cards that are left in your deck. Scorpion and Iceman are also counters and you can play them if you don’t get any of the key cards, disrupting the opponent’s play in the process. In my opinion, it’s not bad to have a Sunspot, so he can always absorb unspent energy and convert it to power. Since this deck doesn’t have Corg, you can include him instead of Sunspot if you wish to have a more disruptive deck. 

I’d first start by playing Sunspot; if not Iceman is okay too. After that, if you draw perfect cards Zabu is a no-brainer after which you should play Wong.  Mystique is a good pick for another location because she’ll duplicate Wong’s effect and assure that you at least have one Wong until the rest of the game (in case the opponent counters the original one). A good idea is to have Magic in order to prolong the game. After extending the game it’s time to return to good old trio White Tiger – Black Panther – Odin. This is almost all the time a great combo and if your opponent doesn’t have anything to counter with or he’s a newbie, he’ll most likely retreat. If you didn’t draw any of the cards that’s where Jubilee comes in. In other scenarios, you can use Scorpio to counter or if you didn’t draw Zabu. 

Arnim Wong Deck

Wong - Arnim Zola Deck

Keycards: Wave, Zabu, Mystique, Magik, Black Panther, Wong, White Tiger, Odin, Arnim Zola

Support cards:  Sunspot, Iceman, Scorpion 

Deck Code:


This might be the ultimate Marvel Snap Wong Deck, or at least a variation if you use Arnim Zola in combination with Black Panther and White Tiger. Here you’ll need some cards and locations that’ll give you a lot of energy points. There is a downside for this deck: If the opponent plays a control deck you’re easily done for, so don’t hesitate to hit that retreat button. That being said, with Arnim Zola’s great ability a lot of other decks aren’t a match. The worst deck to play against can be control or discard decks as Arnim Zola is a card that destroys the one that it copies. The best synergy here is Wong- Arnim Zola – Black Panther. This is the perfect match as Black Panther can win two locations with 32+ power easily. Just be careful as this deck needs a lot of energy points.

All in all this deck doesn’t have strong counters except, Iceman, and Scorpion, so the luck has to be on your side for a time. If you manage to extend the game and duplicate the Wong with Mystique, you’re on top of the world. After that Black Panther and Arnim Zola combo will do the rest.  If you draw Tiger and Odin they’ll do fine as well, but here you’d like to draw Panther and Arnim so they can duplicate on every location if possible, with double effects because of Mystique. Black Panther, Mystique, Wong, and Odin would be what the Dragon Ball fans call “It’s Over 9000!”.

Marvel Snap Wong Deck in a nutshell

As you’ve already figured out Wong Decks are similar in a way. The best combination when it comes to Wong is White Tiger or Black Panther with Odin or Arnim Zola. There are plenty of counters that can affect the game outcome such as Cosmo and Enchantress. Locations are also crucial for this game, so you better look out and not play Wong on the Isle of Silence; if you want to win that is. That’s it for the Marvel Snap Wong Deck, thank you for reading, and happy snapping!

Image Credits: Marvel Snap

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