Naga Tribe in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

hearthstone battlegrounds naga tribe cover minions

This guide will focus on Naga minions in Battlegrounds. We have already described meta builds and comps in Hearthstone Battlegrounds so you should check that one if you want to see the actual builds – here, we will analyze each minion and provide tips and tactics for you to use. Without further ado, check out the Naga Tribe in HS Battlegrounds! 

Tavern Tier 1 Naga Minions


mini murmidon

Mini-Myrmidon is overall a nice tier-one minion. It’s nothing special thought – but having 3/3 is rather strong and should provide some sustain until you get higher-tier minions. Its spellcraft can be cast on other minions as well, meaning that it can provide some buffs to your Lava Lurker as well. That being said, Mini-Myrmidon doesn’t have any Reborn or Divine Shield capabilities so it’s not a must-have and it most certainly is not crucial for any of your late-game meta HS Battlegrounds Naga comps. 

Deep-Sea Angler

deep sea angler

A much better Tier 1 alternative to Mini-Myrmidon when it comes to Nagas in Battlegrounds is Deep-Sea Angler. The thing is, most of the players will choose Reborn/Divine shield units on lower tiers and Deep-Sea Angler has 4 defenses (when its Spellcraft is cast) which means that it can put up a fight with most of those. Furthermore, having Taunt options can be really useful not just for your Lava Lurker, but also if you are opting for Taunt build and comps focusing on Assistant Guard in general. 

Tavern Tier 2 Naga Minions

Lava Lurker

lava lurker

Lava Lurker has been a key minion in Naga tribe for ages – things are a bit different in Season 7 of HS BG. Although this unit is still really good and can provide both sustain and late-game capabilities, the new Shellemental minion can be an alternative for it. That being said, if you see Lava Lurker early on and have any spellcraft Naga on the field (especially Deep Blue or Reef Riffer), you should grab it and cast spellcraft on it at least as a part of your sustain tactic in order to survive mid-game. 

Reef Riffer

Reef Riffer

Reef Riffer is a versatile Naga unit that is not crucial for any build or comp but has its usage in mid-game, especially combined with Lava Lurker and to some extent, with Shellemental. Although the minion has been nerfed and has just 1/1, to begin with, the fact that it has a unique spell that does provide some survivability early on makes it useful. 

Shell Collector

Shell Collector is a great minion overall. Having an initial cost of basically just two gold (1 if you sell it), makes it really useful in many situations. Even later on, this unit can be combined with Bran and/or Draconic Deathscale in order to boost the economy, especially in Battlegrounds Duos. There is nothing better than seeing Shell Collector on turn 3 in the Tavern. 

Snail Cavalry

Snail Cavalry is in a really strange spot and it has been for a few seasons now. Sure, the unit will get buffed over time and you can get it on turns 3,4 or 5 but overall, after that, there are better options to go for. It’s just that, like the name implies, the buffs that it gets are in snail-pace and other units will be much stronger than it. Generally speaking, this unit is not worth buying unless you are very early phase of the game. 

Tavern Tier 3 Naga Minions

Deep Blue Crooner

deep blue new

Singing the Deep Blues! Deep Blue Crooner is a must-have for most Naga comps and builds. It has been a bit of an underdog in the previous season, but in Season 7 of HS Battlegrounds, and especially after the buff that it got in patch 29.2.2., Deep Blue Crooner is a great unit. Even if you fail to make the Deep Blue build, it will still be a pretty useful Naga minion just by using his initial stats and spellcraft. Combined with Shellemental, it is a must-have and a meta minion when it comes to Nagas in Battlegrounds. 

Shell Whistler

shell whistler hearthstone battlegrounds

Just .. no. Shell Whistler is not a good unit to buy. There are situations in which it can be useful (if somehow have Bran and you are still in mid-game) but overall, spending 3 gold for a random Tier 2 Tavern Spell is not a good idea. We are sure that this unit will get either a buff or a rework in one of the upcoming patches. 

The Gladi-ator


The Gladi-ator is one of the best offensive Naga minions in Battlegrounds. Having Divine Shield and bonus on Attack is always a good thing to use, especially in mid-game. If you see this minion while you are on Tavern Tier 3 and have some Nagas on the field, you should grab it as it can provide a nice boost that you need at that phase until you get your key minions. 

Vengeful Slitherer

In terms of synergies with other Naga minions, Vengeful Slitherer is overall a poor unit. The only usefulness that this minion offers is in Undead builds as Undead units suffer from a lack of defensive capabilities. That being said, most undead comps revolve around Reborn/High Attack mechanics so they don’t need defense at all.. It’s best to look at other options if you see Vengeful Slitherer in the Tavern. 

Tavern Tier 4 Naga Minions

Soft-hearted Siren

Soft Hearted Siren

Soft-hearted Siren is a new Naga minion in Battlegrounds, introduced in Season 7. Although it’s a fun minion to have, the RNG element is pretty strong in this one. Furthermore, if you can’t buff her defense somehow, the unit will pretty much just give you one random spell per turn, which for Tavern Tier 4 unit, is not really good. 

Zesty Shaker

zesty shacker new

Not much to say about Zesty Shaker, except for the fact that it’s one of the three core Naga minions and almost in every possible Naga comp. We have already spoken about it’s usefulness in our main guide so here, we will just say that if you see this minion in Tavern, be sure to get it even if you don’t have Deep Blue yet cause the potential of Zesty Shaker is really astonishing. 

Tavern Tier 5 Naga Minions

Corrupted Murmidon

Without any support, this unit is weak. However, Corrupted Myrmidon is a late-game unit that gets buffed really fast considering his Start of Combat ability. Depending on your board, you can decide to take this unit and add it as it will probably be your main source of both offensive and defensive capabilities in the late phases of the game. 

Daggerspine Trasher

Daggerspine Thrasher is an all-around Naga minion that is equally useful in the early, mid, and late phases of the game. Even if you are not opting for a full Naga build, having Divine Shield and Venomous is not something that many minions have and is pretty useful, especially in Duos when you need a quick scam build done. However, Daggerspine Trasher doesn’t actually “give” anything in terms of spellcrafts and buffs so your board might get a bit clunky if you have two of those on it. 

Draconic Deathscale

draconic deathscale updated patch 29.2.2.

In terms of Naga builds, Draconic Deathscale is pretty useless. However, in most other comps, this unit works really well – Quilboars, Undead, Taunt, all those comps rely on Battlecry mechanics. Our advice is to pick up this unit whatever your build is if you are in mid-game as the versatility of it is just astonishing and it can be used in many ways. 



Glowscale is one of those straightforward units – it has Taunt and it gives Divine Shield. There’s nothing fancy about this minion but if you have Lava Lurker on the field and it doesn’t have Divine Shield yet, you can utilize Glowscale to give him one. 



Shellemental is probably the best Naga minion at the moment. You need to keep several things in mind when you use his spellcraft: The effect from the unit that the spell was initially cast will wear off in the next turn, even if the unit is a magnetization one. The only way to keep the stats is to first buff up the unit in the tavern with other spells (like Deep Blue) and then cast Shellemental spell on it. 

Tavern Tier 6 Naga Minions

Silivaz the Vindictive

Silivaz the Vindictive is not your core unit by any chance, unless you are running a full Naga Gym build with Slitherspear. However, this unit is very versatile depending on how lucky you are and what kind of Tavern Spells you get so it might be wise to get it if you have enough space on board. 

Slitherspear, Lord of Gains

slitherspear, lord of gains

Slitherspear was a star in the last season, but because of meta changes in Season 7, the build focusing around him is pretty weak. This unit requires you to have a unique board of various Naga minions that cast various spellcrafts in order for buffs to occur. Usually, it’s much easier to focus on something else in this stage of the game especially if you have Deep Blue Crooner. 

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment, Hearthstone

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