Marvel Snap: Aero Decks Guide

In this article, I will focus on decks and strategies revolving around Aero. Although these types of decks in Marvel Snap are not in the current meta, I still find them to be quiet effective, especially if you are climbing the Infinite ladder and are in a need of a deck change. Basically, there are two types of Aero decks: the ones focusing on move abilities and the ones combining move abilities of cards with location control. Without further ado, let’s see what are some general card synergies when it comes to Aero decks before we get into deckbuilding itself. 

Aero Decks: Card Synergies 

aero card in marvel snap

Generally speaking, what are you looking for in card synergies with Aero are move abilities, particularly the ones that target opponents cards. That being said, you also want to have some soft-counters in your decks as well since most move cards are not powerful and can’t be easily buffed (except Kraven). These are the cards that function well in most Aero decks: 

  • Ghost Spider: The effect that this card has is really good with Kraven as you will be able to buff him up. Not only that, if you are running a location control deck (with Storm), you will be able to retreat from the location that you destroyed if you lost it (by pulling the last card played there with Ghost Spider). 
  • Kraven: Kraven is a must have in most move decks. The reason is the obvious synergy between his ability and all other move cards. He is one of your main power outputs in the deck.
  • Kingpin: Similary to Kraven, if you are running an aggressive move deck (the one that targets opponents cards, not yours), Kingpin is a good thing to have. Although he has been nerfed few patches ago, he can still make a big difference, especially if combined with Magneto. 
  • Storm: Not much to say about Storm except that she is an essential card in all sorts of control decks. 
  • Juggernaut: Works well with Storm and has potential to be a soft counter for many decks (Wong, Destroy, Shuri). 
  • Polaris: A very strong 3 cost 5 power card that works well with Kraven.
  • Spider Man: Essentially an all round card that can be used in many decks, including Aero.
  • Spider Man Miles Morales: Works fine in most Aero decks due to it’s obvious synergy between move cards and it’s ability.
  • Magneto: A final hit card that can literally win the match if played correctly 
  • Professor X: A niche card that can be used in control decks 

Aero Decks: Main Weakness and Counters

aero card variant in marvel snap

As I mentioned earlier, Aero decks are not in current game meta so there are plenty of ways to counter them. First off all, most of your abilities are on-reveal so Cosmo and other hard counters are always an option. Locking down a location, especially the one in the middle where Kraven will probably be is also a good way to deal with these decks. However, most of all, the predictivity of these decks is something that you can utilize to counter them – especially predicting Magneto play on turn 6. Furthermore, most of these decks are reactive which means that Shadow King should have no trouble leveling their power. 

Generally speaking, ongoing decks are great counters for Aero decks, especially the ones that don’t rely on positioning. Even the beginner decks in Marvel Snap are an option since there are no hard counters (usually) in Aero decks for these types of cards. 

Aero Sera Deck 

Aero Sera deck shown

Deck Type: Reactive, Location Control
Key Cards: Kraven, Kingpin, Storm, Juggernaut, Polaris, Aero, Magneto
Support Cards: Shadow King, Miles Morales: Spider Man, Sera, Spider Man
Deck Code:

This deck is rather interesting one to use. It is extremely reactive and it’s made to counter meta decks such as Destroy decks and Shuri decks. As you can see, there are two hard counters in the deck: Shang-Chi and Shadow King. Now, the usage of Shadow King in this Aero deck is a quiet tricky one as he can hit your cards as well – you need to be careful not to hit your Kraven with Shadow King. That being said, although it’s not perfect, Shadow King mechanics work really well in all sorts of Sera decks and this is just another example of how you can use him. 

The way this deck works is by landing Kraven or Kingpin on turn 2 follow by Storm on Turn 3. On Turn 4 you can either go with Juggernaut or Polaris depending on what your opponent has on that particular location. If you managed to lock down the location, you can follow this with Sera on turn 5 but if you couldn’t, you can pull the last card played by your opponent to another location with Aero. On turn 6 it’s either Magneto time or if you played Sera on previous turn, you can go with various counter combos depending on the situation. 

Aero Lockdown Deck

Aero Location Control deck

Deck Type: Location Control
Key Cards: Sunspot, Daredevil, Storm, Juggernaut, Polaris, Professor X, Aero
Support Cards: Nightcrawler, Angela, Kingpin, Spider Man, Magneto

Another deck that might be worth a try is this location control Aero deck that you see in the image above. Location control decks have always been in the game meta and are especially effective during the Infinite ladder climb. As you can see, in this deck you have several card synergies – Storm, Sunspot and Juggernaut; Kingpin, Polaris, Aero and Magneto etc. It’s all about timing and the locations that you need to target – so this deck might require a bit of practice before you start winning with it. 

You can open with Sunspot or Nightcrawler on a safe location. Angle should generally be in the middle but you can also play Daredevil or Kingpin at this point. Turn 3, 4 and 5 are for Storm and/or Professor X. It’s important to note that, since this deck doesn’t have a lot of firepower, you really need to secure one location before turn 6. The other option is to utilize Magneto mechanics in order to win but that is very situational and generally, not highly reliable. Keep in mind that Magneto can also lose you the match if played wrongly. Daredevil is basically your main card here as you will pretty much know on turn 5 whether you can win or not. Good luck! 

Image Credits: Marvel Snap

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