Marvel Snap: Patriot Decks Ultimate Guide [December 2023]

Patriot Deck Marvel Snap

Patriot decks are really cool as they can be used for long-forgotten cards with no powers (Vanilla cards). Cards that are otherwise used for most cases with great synergy in High Evolutionary Decks. If you’re new to the Marvel Snap we’ve covered Beginner Decks in our more general guide. Here we’ll be focusing mostly on different variants of decks that contain, Patriot and Silver Surfer or Patriot Surfer Decks. Note that these decks are not current meta decks in Marvel Snap – but you can still have fun and win some games with them. Patriot has an ongoing ability: Your cards with no abilities have +2 Power. You’re not going to get Patriot until you reach at least 486 Collection Level. Also, a Patriot Card costs 3 energy and has only 1 power. He goes well with other Ongoing cards, cards that can multiply like Brood and Mister Sinister, as well as with Vanilla cards. Let’s assemble the ultimate Patriot Deck Marvel Snap!

Strategies – Tips, and Tricks for Patriot Decks

Patriot Deck Marvel Snap

  • The first tip that I’d like to say once again is that Vanilla cards are powerhouses in the Patriot Deck. Cards that are collecting dust in your deck are probably Misty Knight, Shocker, and Cyclops. You could use The Thing, Abomination, and Hulk for their raw brute power, but with Patriot, they’re even stronger. Patriot will simply add extra power to these cards, but if you have High Evolutionary decks in your collection, try it out, it’s a lot of fun to play. Wasp is a good pick also as it costs zero energy and it has 1 power. 
  • Another great card that builds that great synergy with Patriot is Mystique as it duplicates Patriot’s ability. If you didn’t get this card, maybe you can use Kazar, as he has an Ongoing ability: Your 1-cost cards have +1 power.
  • Patriot and Silver Surfer is by far the most famous synergy since Surfer has On Reveal: Give your other 3-Cost cards +2 Power. So if you play this on 6th turn (both of these cards Surfer and Patriot) you’re going to create huge numbers; that’s if you don’t have Onslaught. 
  • The obvious choices for Patriot Deck are Mister Sinister and Brood; you must have at least one of them. Brood is a better option as it creates 2 Broodlings vs Mister Sinister who creates just one clone of himself. If you don’t have either you can still use SquirrelGirl, but the best option would be to have all three cards. To put it simply the more the merrier.
  • One of the simplest power outputs for the Patriot Deck would be Forge-> Brood-> Absorbing Man. This is not too complex and it can fill two locations in no time. 
  • Debrii is a great card to have as it adds rock for 2 other locations with 0 power.  The best thing about Debrii is that it acts as a counter too, as it adds 2 zero-powered rocks to your opponent’s locations. Another good Card like Debrii is Mysterio which has 4 power, costs only 2 energy, and clones himself on all other locations. If you know who is Misterio from Marvel, his clones will disappear but after Patriot buffs them, they will stan and absorb power. 
  • When it comes to 5 and 6 energy cards some of the best choices are Blue Marvel (all of your other cards get +1 power), Iron Man (your total power at the location doubles), (Onslaught (doubles all Ongoing effects), Ultron (creates four 1-Power Drones at each other location), Doctor Doom (adds 5 power Doom bots to each other locations), and Hulk (if you don’t have anything else).
  • Some of the most welcoming locations or let’s say even snappable are Washington D.C., Cloning Vats, Central Park, Savage Island, Sinister London, and Shadowland. Other locations that might add a little advantage are Kyln, Asgard, Gamma Lab, and TVA.

Patriot Decks Counters and Weakness 

enchantress marvel snap

The biggest weakness by far is the overcloning or overpopulation of locations. If it’s not your lucky day you may even get squirrels in extra locations; which can in some special cases be good. Another major weakness is that this deck is quite predictable and that’s never a good thing. Some of the most obvious counters for the Patriot Deck include Enchantress,Rogue, and Killmonger. Enchantress has an On Reveal effect that removes all Ongoing effects at the location (for both players). Rogue can steal your Ongoing ability, but if you have more than 1 card with an Ongoing ability, it’ll steal only the ability from one card. Killmonger is a big problem especially if you’re playing most 1-cost energy cards and if you don’t have Armor in your deck. Professor X can be a problem if you’ve left one location empty for some reason.

Another great card that acts as a counter is Cosmo, as it prevents all On Reveal effects at the location. When you better think about it Control Decks are actually the best counters for most decks. Now another card that can help you and protect your 1-level buff dummies is Armor, which is an obvious counter for Killmonger. Goose is another interesting countering option as it has an Ongoing ability: Nobody can play cards that cost 4, 5, or 6 at this location. Another card that’s both an offense and defense card is Debrii (On Reveal: Add a Rock to each other location, for both players). There is one card that can counter Enchantress and this will save you a lot of nerves and that’s Invisible Woman (On Going: Cards you play here are not revealed until the game ends.). To put it simply your squirrels and rock will be able to jump around freely until the game ends. 

Patriot Ultron Deck 

Patriot Ultron Deck

Deck Type: Ongoing

Key cards: Squirrel Girl, Misty Knight, Shocker, Patriot, Kazar,  Blue Marvel, Onslaught, Ultron 

Support cards: Armor, Cosmo, Cyclops, Abomination



Since this is more of a “Vanilla, but not too much Vanilla deck” it won’t be that hard to begin with. I’ve skipped the plain Vanilla Deck because it’s outdated and it’s really a no-brainer. You just throw cards with no effects and other cards give them a little boost. If there are locations that are extra filling your locations this can get a bit out of hand. If you get two locations that are adding extra squirrels (Central Park) or ninjas, it’ll get a bit tight. In a perfect match, you’d like to start with Squirrel Girl, this is also just in case some of the other locations are “you can’t play your cards here”. On the 2nd turn in an ideal situation, you’d like to play Shocker and after that Cyclops. Armor is here to protect your 1 energy card in case you play against a Destroy Deck; these decks usually contain Killmonger. 

If your opponent tries something fishy, that’s when Cosmo comes into play. Cosmo is extra useful against Wong Decks or any type of On Reveal Decks. Next, you’d like to play Cyclops and on the 4th turn Patriot to give + 2 to all other cards that didn’t have power. Finally, on turn 5 you should use Blue Marvel and finish the game off with Onslaught. That’s it if it was ideal, but if you don’t draw Patriot or Blue Marvel, you can use Kazar to give all 1 power card +1 Power. If your Ultron and Onslaught get discarded or you don’t draw them save Patriot for the end or again Kazar to give you that boost at the very end. This deck is mostly for those who want to try something a bit more experimental and don’t have cards such as Mystique, Brood, Absorbing Man, etc. 

Absorbing Patriot Deck

Absorbing Patriot Deck

Deck Type: Ongoing

Key cards: Forge, Brood, Mystique, Patriot, Absorbing Man, Iron Lad, Blue Marvel, Doctor Doom

Support cards: Cosmo, Iron Man, Mysterio, Mister Sinister

DeckCode: eyJOYW1lIjoiQWJzb3JiaW5nIFBhdHJpb3QgRGVjayIsIkNhcmRzIjpbeyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJGb3JnZSJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiTXJTaW5pc3RlciJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiTXlzdGVyaW8ifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6Ik15c3RpcXVlIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJQYXRyaW90In0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJCcm9vZCJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiQ29zbW8ifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IkFic29yYmluZ01hbiJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiSXJvbkxhZCJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiSXJvbk1hbiJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiQmx1ZU1hcnZlbCJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiRHJEb29tIn1dfQ==

If everything goes smoothly we’d like to get Forge on our first or second turn and our third play Brood. Once Forge buffs Brood it’ll spawn 2 more +4 (instead of +2 power)Broodlings. After that, we’d be able to play Absorbing Man in another location that’ll copy Brood’s ability and power. On the fifth turn, I’d like to gamble and use Iron Lad in hopes of copying any crucial cards. Finally, on 6th move, we can use the Patriot and Mystique combo or Blue Marvel if we don’t get those 2 combo cards.  As you can see we can exchange Absorbing Man for Wave or some other card since Wave can give us Doctor Doom for only the cost of 4. 

If you’re playing against Toxic Decks you can use Enchantress as a 4-cost card, to try and counter them. Just be careful since you’re playing with most Ongoing cards. Cosmo is an obvious counter and Mister Sinister and Mysterio are here in case you don’t get any of the cards previously mentioned. Another reason why Sinister and Mysterio might be bad is if you get a location like Central Park and there are simply too many cards on the table. That’s why location is really important for these decks, they’re super important and just hope your opponent doesn’t have Professor X. Lack of space is never a good thing especially if you’re playing with the best Patriot decks in Marvel Snap. 

Patriot Surfer Deck

silver surfer patriot deck

Deck Type: Ongoing

Key cards: Patriot, Brood, Mister Sinister, Magik, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Alioth, Mystique, Iron Lad

Support cards: Iron Man, Absorbing Man, Forge, Mister Sinister



Maybe the best Patriot Deck in Marvel Snap we’ve assembled so far is Patriot Surfer, with Alioth. This deck has a couple of things that you’ll need to take a look out for. First of all, you’ll start nice and easy with Forge on the 1st turn who’ll buff Brood on the 3rd turn. You can use Mister Sinister on the 2nd move, but he’s a supporting card so he should be your plan B card. On 4th turn, it’s up to you to use Magik and extend the game for 1 extra turn. On 5th turn, you’d like to play Patriot to give all cards with no abilities (Broodlings in this case) + 2. Don’t forget that they’ve already gotten +2 from Forge at the beginning of the game. If you didn’t get Patriot you can gamble with Iron Lad. On the 6th turn use Silver Surfer and then Mystique to copy Surferes power (give all 3 cost cards + 3 power). Finally, on the 7th move, you can use Alioth to counter any of the attacks; if you’re losing you can use Iron Man or Doctor Doom to counter. 

Alioth here is a card that you’ll be an element of surprise; if things aren’t playing out the best you can exchange it for Onslaught; but that’s a more predictable card. You can also use Iron Man to double your power or any location, just be too careful with all the brooding and cloning, you should count all the empty spaces before you act. On the other hand, Onslaught here is good or you can even use Odin to activate Surferer once again. For the 100th time, locations are also a big part of the game so if you get -2 power ninjas and 10 power monsters, that’ll affect your tactic. Just keep it simple and try to use Surfer and Patriot synergy. If something isn’t working out you can add Cosmo or Enchantress instead of Absorbing Man. We hope you’ll enjoy this Surfer Patriot Deck in Marvel Snap and check out our meta Discard Decks if you haven’t, they’re easy to play and they’ll take you from 0 to 100 Infinity in no time.

Image Credits: Marvel Snap

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