How To Get Gold In Warcraft Rumble [2024]

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Warcraft Rumble is a game that requires somewhat good management of your resources, and while all mobile games inherently are “greedy”, there are a lot of ways to circumvent paying for the in-game currency. In Warcraft Rumble, you have a lot of ways to earn enough gold to play the game without any special handicaps. We will explore all the ways to get gold and talk about some pitfalls that many players fall into because the game isn’t straightforward when it comes to all the mechanics in the game itself, and things you can do with your money.

We’ve personally fallen into some traps regarding buying the wrong thing, or assuming something works a certain way, which proved later to be not true. If you are new to the Warcraft Rumble, we suggest you check out our Warcraft Rumble beginner guide in order to get a general sense of the game. All that said, let’s see some of the best ways how to get Gold in Warcraft Rumble.

Buying The Arclight Booster

arclight booster how to get gold warcraft rumble

We know this sounds like a sales pitch, but honestly, the best thing you can do to make your game more enjoyable is to buy the Arclight Booster. You will get a ton of value from this, especially compared to all other things in the shop. If you play the game on a regular basis, the boost in gold and experience will be very big. We say this because wherever you get any additional gold, this will help further your gains.

Yes, we know that spending money on a mobile game is somewhat controversial and generally you can get into a downward spiral of buying more and more, but honestly, you can look at this booster as buying the game, since you don’t need anything else. You will get to level up all your minis to Uncommon without any issues and the experience boost will provide you the additional bonus to go further into the game.

Arclight Surge Events

arclight surge warcraft rumble

This is the main and the best way to gain gold because it’s practically a 10-15 minute challenge quest you have to do every other day, and you will be rewarded 300 gold and one big red button. This makes sense because the game incentivizes you to essentially play daily or at least to come back to it a few times a week.

The positive side is that the event itself is not that boring and doesn’t feel like a chore. You can get a lot of gold from Arclight Surge event if you play the game semi-regularly. It’s basically the only “infinite” source of gold, the only problem is that the event is happening every other day. This means that in order to gain the full value from these events, you will have to check in the game pretty often. Nevertheless, this way of gaining gold is by far the easiest.

Leveling Up Your Collection Level

collection level warcraft rumble

This is perhaps the most organic way of gaining gold, since every time you level up your minion or gain rarity on it, you will get your collection experience. Each time you up you will get 75 gold, and this is pretty good since you will actually get back some gold from upgrading all your units. For example, my collection range is 32, which means I gained 31*75 gold from this, which is fairly decent. Do note that your collection level can be hindered by the way you level up your units. 

If you want to get the most out of your collection levels, we suggest you level up all your units to uncommon, since that’s the most optimal way for you to have a flexible army, strong units, and good economy. Plus, remember that the higher your collection level is, the faster, your units gain experience from all sources. This is especially important because experience is really the hard cap in the later stages of the game.

Heroic Quests

heroic missions warcraft rumble

When we first found out that doing the heroic campaign gets you this much gold, we were honestly pretty surprised. Basically, if you complete one mission with all the factions in Heroic mode (you get to play Heroic once you hit level 60), you will get 300 gold from each mission. Considering there are a lot of them, you can get a ton of gold from this and the best part is that you would have played these heroic campaigns anyway since are essentially a core part of the game. 

Note that these challenges aren’t easy, and you’ll have to have a lot of skill and knowledge to complete them, especially if you want to play versus a level 1 or 2 higher opponent. It’s generally a good idea to focus on getting the rarity up of each hero in one faction because you will need it to complete this challenge. We found that Old Murk-Eye is best in Beast, Tirion in Alliance, Drakkisath in Blackrock, Baron in Undead, and Cairne Bloodhoof in Horde.

If you want a basic overview of which type Minis and Leaders are powerful, and which aren’t, we suggest you check out our Warcraft Rumble Tier List. Note that the list isn’t definitive and the game is made in a way that makes all Minis useful in some situations. Nevertheless, some are generally stronger than others and are good to put in most of the compositions.

Climbing Up The PvP Ladder

warcraft rumble pvp gold

While doing PvP content isn’t the optimal way to get gold, it should be mentioned that you can get some while playing it. The main thing you should know is that you will only get gold if you win enough games, not if you just play it. Essentially, if you just want to get some gold out of PvP and are not really interested in playing it further, we suggest you aim for 8000 PvP points.

At this point, you will get free bags of gold, 500+675+750. Also, understand that you will need to explore some good tactics for Warcraft Rumble PvP, especially once you get over 2000 points on each Hero. All that said, it seems that compared to other things like doing Arclight Surges and Heroic Campaign, the PvP rewards are very underwhelming at the moment, especially considering how much you need to actually play it.

Shop Offers

warcraft rumble special offers

While this is by no means an optimal way to gain Gold, it is the quickest. With special offers that the game occasionally presents to you, there can be some decent value when buying stuff with real money in the game. One thing to note is that the basic offer of gold that’s located at the bottom of the shop is extremely bad. The amount of gold you get for your real money is atrocious.

This is why you will need to keep a lookout for “Mythic” and “Legendary” value offers. These things won’t improve anything special for you in the game because the amount of stuff you get from spending 20-30$ isn’t really game-changing. You will get a few levels, maybe some energy points, and a few thousand gold. Given the fact that the cost of leveling a mini from uncommon to rare is 1080 Gold in total (more for Leaders), spending your money for this purpose alone is kind of a waste.

Spending Gold Tips

how to get gold warcraft rumble grid

While in this article we explore some of the ways to get gold, it’s also important to understand what exactly can you spend gold on, because the game doesn’t really make it crystal clear to you what to buy. Essentially if you’re looking to play with as many minis as possible and to enjoy PvP, while having a good collection level, we strongly suggest you level up most of the minis in the game from uncommon to common.

This means that you buy levels for all minis from the G.R.I.D. shop just to hit the “Uncommon” rarity. After every upgrade, you can search online and look for an optimal talent for each of those minis, and buy it when it becomes available in the shop. This way you will be very flexible when making your team both in PvP and PvE.

The only real reason you would want to have a rare or an epic mini is so you can take on higher-level campaign missions. We suggest you to level your main leaders to Rare or higher, because they are the strongest part of your army when playing the campaign.


We explored all the ways on how you can get gold in Warcraft Rumble and our opinion is that for most players, it’s best if you just buy the Arclight Booster and play the game without any additional spending. We played this way since the beginning, and we have no problem playing Dungeons, PvP, and Heroic modes. The only thing that is “behind the paywall” is the fact that you need to grind if you want to finish the few last Heroic locations. This is really mild a mild “pay-to-win” to some other games like Warcraft Rumble that have a giant paywall.

This means that you will have a really hard time leveling your Minis above 16-17 Level. Nevertheless, gold is still a very obtainable currency in this game since you can always play more Arclight Surges that are happening every other day. Combine that with the Heroic campaign, and you will have a pretty good strategy on how to get gold in Warcraft Rumble.

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