Warcraft Rumble Cairne Bloodhoof Guide

warcraft rumble cairne bloodhoof guide

In this Warcraft Rumble Cairne Bloodhoof guide, we will be analyzing and diving deep into one of our favorite leaders. Cairne Bloodhoof is oftentimes overlooked and, in our opinion, a bit underrated Leader in Warcraft Rumble. There are many ways to play Cairne Bloodhoof and we will explore some of them. Moreover, talents and army composition will also be discussed, as there are many things that don’t work and a few of them do. So without further ado, let’s look into the best tips and tricks for Cairne Bloodhoof.

Army Composition And Fight Example

Cairne Bloodhoof vs. Heroic Grommash Hellscream

Considering the main ability of Cairne (20% HP to all Horde Minis), the Army we used in this fight isn’t ideal (Ghoul isn’t Horde so it doesn’t get a 20% bonus). We had Talents on some other units, but it still works and it’s not the end of the world if there is some other Mini except Horde in. Basically, non-Horde Minis with Talents are the priority over the Horde minis without Talents. Also, you need to remember that in Warcraft Rumble, there are requirements for you. The main thing to remember is that you always need to support Cairne.

When looking at the PvE aspect of the game, you really should build your army around countering the enemies rather than for your army to be all Horde just for the 20% HP bonus. You can see in the video how we made an army that is far from “Horde Exclusive” and defeated Heroic Grommash Hellscream. Nevertheless, below is an example of an “ideal” army. This will be something close to an overall good army with its synergies and combos, but the rule still stands; a lot of it is situational. That being said, this army is really good for PVP in Warcraft Rumble

Army Overview

warcraft rumble cairne bloodhoof guide army

This is a real Horde army. If you want to have the full effect of Cairne’s ability that gives 20% HP to Horde units, you will have to have an army that looks something like this. Having Ogre Mage to support Cairne with Bloodlust and ranged attacks is a good strategy against most of the things the enemy can throw at you. Moreover, Frostwolf Shaman has a very good talent for this situation: Earth Shield.

warcraft rumble frostwolf shaman earth shield

The idea is that because you have so much HP on Stonehoof Tauren and Cairne, giving them armor makes them unstoppable with the right support. Now there are some things that can be replaced and still be as effective as possible.

The main downside of this build is that you have minis that cost a lot. 2 5-cost and 2 4-cost units is acceptable, but there is some room for considering other options. If you don’t want a five-cost ranged Mini like Ogre Mage, you can replace him with Darkspear Troll or Blackrock Pyromancer that are 3-cost and do a similar job. Furthermore, as your leader is already a tank, replacing Stonehoof Tauren is also an option to considering that you can always have more support minis. Remember that your main goal is to take advantage of the huge survivability that Cairne has and always play around that.

What are the best Talents of Cairne Bloodhoof?

  warcraft rumble cairne bloodhoof guide talents

The best talent is Reincarnation. The ability to have an extra life (with half HP) is very powerful, especially considering his stun ability, high HP pool, and overall power. It makes Cairne one of the best frontlines in the game. He has a slight delay before he returns to life, so just be aware of that. Also, we really like Plainsrunning for certain play styles because Cairne is generally very good against Towers, so this can be used for a tower rush or even for Cairne catching up to your supporting units.

We do recognize that you will have some getting used to when picking speed because you don’t want to separate your tank from the rest of the supporting units, which tend to be slower. Finally, the Aftershock talent is okay, but it won’t change the outcome of the fight. It will just buy some time because of his Daze ability.

Cairne Bloodhoof Stats and Traits Analysis

warcraft rumble cairne bloodhoof traits

Let’s look at the actual leader unit and see some details that will be important once you go to the battlefield. Looking at traits, there are some things to keep in mind, mainly the AOE stun trait. This is extremely powerful if utilized correctly. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you can stun and kill multiple units at once and even reach ranged units in the back if positioned correctly. Moreover, this also stuns bosses, slows their attacks down, or interrupts an ability. The Rebirth trait is the Reincarnation talent you choose.

warcraft rumble cairne bloodhoof stats

Regarding the stats, there isn’t too much to be said. He has a very high HP pool, so buffs like elemental resistance or armor will be extra effective on him.

Bonus Tips and Tricks

warcraft rumble cairne aoe

  • In general, make sure you have a supporting unit to counter enemies like Harpies, Whelp Eggs, and other hard counters to Cairne.
  • We know we are stating the obvious, but Cairne is on a completely different level when you get the first talent – Reincarnation.
  • Always consider Cairne’s “line AOE” angles. For example, if you go against a tank and a ranged unit, Cairne’s AOE can reach the ranged unit if it’s the correct angle, which can a lot of times turn the fight around.
  • Cairne is a very beefy tank, so always make sure to have ranged units with him instead of more tanky melee ones.


Cairne Bloodhoof is a very good leader and, honestly, an underrated one considering all the Warcraft Rumble tier lists floating around. He’s just a very reliable tank in a lot more situations than a leader like Grommash Hellscream is. This leader just fills in that role so well and can be relied on for a lot of things.

Moreover, Cairne really doesn’t require much effort in order to be very effective, unlike a leader like Sylvanas, where you really need to be careful with how you go about things. Basically, we want to say that Cairne Bloodhoof is also beginner-friendly, and this is always a plus.

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

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