Warcraft Rumble: 5 Best PvP Builds For Beginners

warcraft rumble best pvp builds

In this article, we will discuss the best Warcraft Rumble PvP builds. There are a lot of types and compositions of Armies in the current meta of Warcraft Rumble, and a lot of it depends on the type of opponent you’re facing. Moreover, a lot of these builds can be adjusted, and not everything is set in stone. This is because of the chaotic nature (rock-paper-scissors) of the Warcraft Rumble. If you’re new to the game and don’t have much experience with these types of games, we suggest you stick with the basic builds that revolve around Tirion and Baron leaders.

We already discussed the basic concepts of the game in our Warcraft Rumble beginner guide, but now we will take a look at some flexible and competitive builds you can play with in order to get those juicy PvP rewards. Do note that we will also talk about how you can adjust these builds if the play style doesn’t suit you or you keep running into opponents that counter your specific build. This is why it’s important to experiment with different Minis until you see what exactly works for you. So without further ado, here are the 5 best Warcraft Rumble PvP builds.

Tirion Fordring: Heal And Push


While it may not seem like a standard build, this Army composition has a lot going for it. Tirion’s power lies in sustaining and keeping your key units alive with his AOE heals. Stonehoof Tauren is a very competitive Mini that goes well alongside Tirion. While choosing Footman may seem like a better idea, the higher cost and the lack of movement and utility usually don’t perform well in PvP scenarios. Moreover, we have the Darkspear Troll and Pyromancer, who are very powerful ranged units and can handle most of the things in the game.

Harpies are also extremely effective against any ground or flying units that can’t attack flying. S.A.F.E. Pilot also provides utility and a good way to deal with squishy enemy backlines or provide immediate support to your key Minis. Finally, we have the Blackrock Miner, which is generally used to take objectives on the map, like Chests and Gold Mines.

Baron Rivendare: Overwhelming Skeletons

Probably one of the best and most beginner-proof Warcraft Rumble PvP builds. Baron has a lot of things going for him. The swarm of skeletons you summon with the combination of small-medium units will easily overwhelm your opponent if played correctly. Necromancer will be your main unit, and it will be the biggest nuisance to your opponent. You will only need the Ghoul as a tank because Baron will already provide that semi-tanking role. We also have the S.A.F.E. Pilot, which will provide instant support anywhere on the map.

Harpies will also be used if your opponent doesn’t have anything to punish flying units. We also have a Darkspear Troll, which is good vs. single targets, but you might also consider going for a Pyromancer if you find yourself facing opponents who spam small Minis over and over again. Next, we have Gargoyle, he is used for pushing and putting extra pressure on the opponent to respond. Use it when you are ahead a bit and have excess Gold in order to support it.

Grommash Hellscream: A Lot Of Damage

The main point of Grommash is letting him get hits on your opponent. He isn’t that tanky and has no utility, so you will need to support him a lot. The main idea here is to take advantage of his high damage and AOE Bloodlust passive. Harpies and Berserker Trolls will be good for this; you might also consider putting in Murloc Tidehunters or Defias Bandits, anything that can provide some kind of support with 3 or less.

We also have a Quillboar that can be used for Chests or, more importantly, soaking in some damage for Grommash. Stonehoof Tauren may seem like an odd choice, but at the moment, it’s just a very competitive Mini just because of his Charge ability. Finally, we have to mention that in order to get the full potential of Execute here, you will need the first Talent of Garosh to unlock: Savage Strikes (Grommash deals double damage to targets below 50%). Casting Execute will bring opponents’ health to below 50%, and then Savage Strikes will be effective immediately.

Rend Blackhand: Flying And Fire

warcraft rumble rend blackhand pvp build

Rend Blackhand is mainly used to build an “air supremacy” Army. The main thing to mention here is that you really need to be careful about how you play Rend Blackhand since he is a 6-Cost leader that can be countered with something like a Berserker Troll followed by Harpies. Oftentimes, players just put him into play and think he will counter everything; this really isn’t the case; his Drake is pretty squishy. What you want to focus on in this build is putting in a lot of flying units.

The four main ones are Harpies, Drake, Gargoyle, and Whelp Eggs. Remember, Bat Rider or Gyphon Rider won’t work because the cost reduction effect of Rend Blackhand can’t go below 2 mana. The main idea is to save a lot of Gold with the small-cost Minis, then put Rend Blackhand into play, followed by the mentioned Flying Minis, since they will have a reduced cost. The obvious issue with this build is that if you are facing an opponent who has excellent counters to flying, you are in big trouble. Honestly speaking, it’s surprising how many players actually don’t have proper counters to this build.

Jaina Proudmoore: Frost And Arcane

Warcraft Rumble pvp builds - jaina proudmore

The main thing to note about Jaina is that you can’t really have every spell in your arsenal. You will have to choose 2-3 spells that you think will support your troops the best. Here we have some combinations like Jaina with Ghoul, solo Necromancer, and Jaina with Footman. Blizzard and Arcane Blast will be used after you deploy your combo and the enemy tries to counter it. You will need a bit of Gold to pull this off. That’s why low-cost minions like Ghoul and Blackrock Miner will be responsible for taking objectives like Gold Mines and Chests. We also suggest you consider putting in Quillboar instead of Footman, if you find them too mana-expensive.

If you do something like that, you might also consider swapping Necromancer for a third spell; that way, you will have 2 mini Tanks, Jaina, and 3 Spells. This can be played if you actually have a good game plan and know what you’re doing with your spells, which is not always easy. Using spells in an optimal way requires you to know what your opponent is thinking at all times. Going for something additional like Polymorph or Execute is a good choice, but the main problem is that you don’t know what type of opponent you will be facing. If you go with Execute and fight an opponent with a bunch of small, spammy Minis, it’s not a good match for you. If you get Arcane Blast and your opponent has big Minis with a lot of health and no actual Squad units, then Execute seems like a better choice. This is the main issue with Spells, you can’t have them all, and it really depends on enemy types.

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