Complete Hearthstone Titans Tier List [November]

hearthstone titans tier list cover

In this Hearthstone Titans tier list, we will explore all the Titan cards and their power levels. Compared to other gimmicky expansions like Festival of Legends, this really feels like a core Warcraft-type story and reminds us of the Solo Adventure Tombs of Terror. The most interesting part of this new content is the “Titan” keyword that has been added to Titan cards. This basically means that each of these cards has three unique abilities that can be cast once per turn.

The mechanics of Titan cards are arguably overpowered and can easily change the whole game. Moreover, the Titans also have an impact on which class is optimal when playing Hearthstone Arena. For example, picking a Priest class and getting Aman’Thul is just beyond OP in an Arena setting. The same can’t be said for Hearthstone Battlegrounds, since it doesn’t have any of these cards in it. This brings us to our next thought, and that is the question: What are the most powerful Hearthstone Titans in the game?

It is really important for your deck to be in synergy with the Titan your class has since it is one of the most powerful cards in the game. In this list, we will not only compare how Titans are powerful individually, but rather how well they synergize with their class decks and how much impact they really have. So without further ado, here is our Hearthstone Titans tier list.

S Tier

Aggramar, the Avenger

If we had to explain this Titan with one word, it would be “efficiency”. For 6 Mana, you will get a good weapon, this goes well with Titan’s abilities to enhance that weapon. Aggramar is a very powerful tool in every Hunter deck and is recognized as an optimal Hunter card in the current meta. His weapon-enhancing abilities are: Maintain Order, Commanding Presence, and Swift Slash.

The usual way to play this card is to just activate his third ability, Swift Slash, and enhance your weapon to 5/3 while having the “Immune to damage while attacking” effect. His other abilities are also good in specific scenarios, but in the current meta we all know that your opponent is just itching to kill your Titan in his next turn, this is why for only 6 Mana, getting a 3/7 minion with a 5/3 “Immune while attacking” weapon is excellent in almost every scenario. Overall, it may not be the most “broken” Titan, but it does blend into Hunters current Hearthstone meta decks very well.

Golganneth, the Thunderer

Golganneth Hearthstone Titans

While this Titan didn’t seem that powerful when it came out, it proved to be one of the most useful Shaman cards ever. Golganneth is a prime example of perfectly integrating Titan into its respective class. All the abilities that this Titan possesses are exactly what the Shaman needs. The three powerful abilities that this Titan possesses are: Lord of Skies, Roaring Oceans, and Shargahn’s Wrath.

Here we see a lot of good choices in different scenarios, and that’s what makes this Titan powerful. For only 6 Mana cost, you can destroy any enemy minion with the first ability, clear a lot of small minions, and heal yours with the second one, and if you don’t have any imminent threats on your opponent’s side of the board, you can just draw three cards and call it the day. This card is recognized as a must-have in every Shaman deck since the cost-to-power ratio is extremely efficient.


Aman'Thul Hearthstone Titans
We all knew from the start that this card was going to be one of the best cards in the game. This Titan is everything that the Priest class needs. All three of his abilities are extremely powerful and if your opponent doesn’t manage to remove this card from the game, he is in for a lot of trouble. Priest cards usually tend to do very disruptive things on the battlefield, but this Titan takes that concept to another level. Aman’thul’s three abilities are: Strike from History, Shape the Stars, and Vision of Heroes.

One more very important thing to note is that this Titan costs only 7 Mana, which is just silly for a card this powerful. You can even cast Power Chord: Synchronize on him and have one more in your hand. With this combo, you can easily with the game if your enemy doesn’t have an excellent counter ready to deploy. Overall, we consider Aman’Thul one of the best Hearthstone Titans and a good all-rounder.

A Tier

Sargeras, the Destroyer

One of my favorite titans Sargeras, the Destroyer, has a very unique and effective Battlecry. He opens a Twisting Nether, which is a special kind of “minion”. This acts like a permanent minion and cannot be subject to anything except for the will of Sargeras. Do keep in mind one very important thing. If you summon Sargeras, for example, with a “Summon random 9-cost minion” spell, the Twisting Nether won’t be summoned this way and the Titan will be useless since it requires the portal in order to use his abilities. Speaking of abilities, the three ones that Sargeras possesses are: To The Void!, Inferno!, and Legion Invasion!.

All of these abilities are extremely powerful and just the fact that the Twisting Nether exists permanently is a very big nuisance to your opponent. All other Titans don’t have any lasting impact after they use an ability, but Sargeras is the exception. And given the fact that there are a lot of removal cards that your opponent is holding on for your Titan, Sargeras will have an impact until the end of the game, because the Twisting Nether is invincible and will be spewing out Imps in every turn.

Argus, the Emerald Star

It’s safe to say that this Titan works only with certain Demon Hunter builds. In the current meta, there really aren’t too many options for building decks that synergize well with this Titan. This is the main issue, as this card isn’t really good in itself. When playing this Titan, is important to determine which minions you would like to have Rush, and which ones to have Lifesteal, because the placement on the board will affect this. His three abilities are: Argunite Army, Show of Force, and Crystal Carving.

As you can see, there are some good abilities, but we feel that they are kind of lackluster, especially if you compare them to something like the Priest Titan’s abilities. All in all, it can be useful if you have a lot of minions in play and you are in dire need of Lifesteal. Other than that, other abilities are kind of inefficient for this type of card.

B Tier

Yogg Saron, Unleashed

Patch 27.4 brought us the mighty Yogg-Saron, Unleashed Titan card. Note that he was changed drastically in 27.6.2. patch:

Old: [15 Mana] Costs (1) less for each spell you’ve cast this game.
New: [9 Mana] After you use an ability, cast 2 random spells.

Basically, this nerfed decks with spam spells that were able to bring down the mana cost of Yogg Saron to a ridiculously low number. Now, the card is in a weird place, and only slow control decks can really take advantage of this 9-mana-cost minion. Nevertheless, his abilities remain the same, and they are: Tentacle Swarm, Reign of Chaos, and Induce Insanity.   

One common thing that you need to keep in mind is that the enemy can steal your Yogg-Saron with their Yogg-Saron, then cast Reign of Chaos from the stolen one to steal another minion of yours and cause a disaster. This kind of tug of war is prominent in the current Hearthstone meta decks. His other ability, Induce Insanity, is usually used in order to clear the opponent’s board as much as possible. There isn’t anything too special about this ability, but it’s a useful board-clear. Finally, we have the most “chaotic” ability, and that is Tentacle Swarm. Before the nerf, this ability was very powerful since you could get the Yogg-Saron to almost 0-mana-cost and then put a lot of Chaotic Tendril right away. But now, since the 9-mana-cost is fixed, you will have to wait one turn to play the Tendrils. Nevertheless, this ability is used to fill up your hand if you don’t have any more cards, and then pray to the RNG gods for good spells from Tendrils.

The Primus

The Primus
Well, safe to say that we didn’t expect a bad Death Knight Titan from Blizzard. Unfortunately, while this card is exceptional by itself, it doesn’t blend that well with the current Unholy and Frost Death Knight decks, but we hope that will change in the future. All three abilities are very good, and if you can manage to keep the Titan alive, you can turn the tide of the game. When using his abilities, keep in mind that saving him from your opponent’s next turn is the key. Primus has three powerful abilities: Runes of Blood, Runes of Frost, and Runes of Unholy.

Depending on the situation and factors like your opponent’s class, what they have on their board, and how many cards they have in their hand, you will need to decide on which ability is the most useful one to keep the Titan alive. For example, if you are suspecting that your opponent has a Rush minion in their hand, you can use Runes of the Unholy to guard the Titan with 2 Servant of the Primus. Needless to say, it is an expensive Titan, but his abilities really justify the 8 Mana cost.

Amitus, the Peacekeeper

Amitus Hearthstone Titans
Amitus is an interesting Titan and the main idea of this card is the control the battlefield. Her main effect is good on paper, but in reality, there are a lot of circumstances that need to be in place in order to get the full power of this Titan. The three abilities that she possesses are: Empowered, Pacified, and Reinforved.

From the start, we see that the ability that creates the most nuisance to the enemy is the second one, Pacified. Turning every minion’s Attack and Defense to 2 can be a very big deal if your opponent has become a minion. Nevertheless, while it is useful in a lot of situations, for Titan card, it just lacks the impact that some other Hearthstone Titans of the same cost have.

C Tier

Eonar, the Life-Binder

Eonar Hearthstone Titans
Eonar, the Life-Binder is for sure one of the Titans with the most potential in the game. The abilities that this Titan possesses are truly game-changing in every scenario. That being said, the main downside of this Titan, is that in the current meta, the Ramp Druid build is kind of bad, and it doesn’t help that she costs 10 Mana. Eonar is very tied to this build, since if you’re playing an aggressive playstyle, the synergy really isn’t there. Her three abilities are: Bountiful Harvest, Flourish, and Spontaneus Growth.

As you can see, these are all powerful abilities that can change the course of the game, but as we’ve said, the cost of this Titan is the main issue. Restoring your life to the fullest, drawing a full hand of cards, or refreshing all your mana crystals is just beyond powerful, but you need to be able to have a deck that goes well with these abilities. All in all, we see the logic behind creating a Druid Titan with these effects, but Ramp Druid needs to change a bit in order for this Titan to have a better place in our Hearthstone Titans tier list.

V-07-TR-0N Prime

The main idea of this quirky Titan is to enhance itself and a friendly minion. The main problem is that the “numbers” are just too underwhelming. What do we mean by this? Well, getting a 3/5 minion for 6 Mana is already bad enough. But his abilities don’t compensate for this cost, especially for a Titan card. The three abilities Voltron possesses are: Attach the Cannons!, Full Power!, and Maximize Defenses!.

As you can see, these abilities aren’t anything special, but the saving grace is that the main effect of this Titan, and that is to cast the said abilities on a friendly minion too. Regardless, it’s just still not enough, especially if we compare it to some other Titans of the same cost, like Aggramar and Golganneth. In most situations, this card will just fall short compared to a lot of other Hearthstone Titans.


When this Titan came out, it was an unpleasant surprise to us because we all know that Blizzard loves the Mage class. The main issue with this Titan is the fact that in the current meta, Titans don’t survive even for one turn, so the main effect of Norgannon is rendered useless since it basically relies on the Titan staying alive. His abilities are: Ancient Knowledge, Progenitor’s Power, and Unlimited Potenital.

In most situations, you will play this and deal 5 damage or cast the secret and that’s it. Maybe if this Titan had a cost of 5 Mana, instead of 6, it would be very powerful, but for 6 Mana, it’s just too underwhelming and inefficient. Again, the main issue is that it will just die in the next turn without having any meaningful impact on the game, and that’s unacceptable for a Titan card and that’s why it’s ranked so low in our Hearthstone Titans tier list.


Well, it’s kind of a meme at this point that the Warrior class just doesn’t get good things, and the Titan card is no exception. Just like with Voltron and Nargannon, the impact that this card has in its initial play is really bad. A 4/4 stat for 6 Mana with no significant abilities is something we can’t rank any higher in our Hearthstone Titans tier list. Sadly, we expected this from a Warrior Titan card. His three abilities are: Heart of Flame, Tampering, and Titanforge.

We can see that the only ability that can really be impactful is Titanforge because the +2/+2 on a powerful weapon can somewhat change the game. But then again, there aren’t really that many powerful weapons and the buildup is slow. You need to cast that weapon in the next turn, and we know that in competitive Hearthstone, this kind of play is considered extremely slow and will leave you vulnerable to enemy plans, that’s why it can’t even compete with something like Aggramar in our Hearthstone Titans tier list.


We see that deciding which Hearthstone Titans are the most powerful ones is not simple or straightforward. There are other things that come into play when looking at the power levels of Titans because they also depend on the type of deck you play, the type of deck your opponent has, and the current situation in the meta. That being said, there clearly some Titans that are much more practical and impactful than others.

We would like to see some lesser and quirkier Titans like Volatron, Khaz’goroth, and Nargannon get a bit more love from Blizzard, and as much as we hate Ramp Druid, it is really needed in order to make Eonar Titan shine. These are all some of the changes that may take place in the foreseeable future, but for now, this is the Hearthstone Titans tier list that makes the most sense to us. And let’s face it, Aman’Thul just looks way too cool to be any lower than S Tier.

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