7 Best Hearthstone Solo Adventures To Play


Best Hearthstone Solo Adventures (Price and Rating)

Name Price Rating
7. Rastakhan’s Rumble Free 5/10
6. Knights of the Frozen Throne Free 6/10
5. The Witchwood Free 7/10
4. The Boomsday Project Free 7.5/10
3. Kobolds and Catacombs Free 8.5/10
2. Tombs of Terror 14.99$ (1500 Runestones) 9.5/10
1. Dalaran Heist 19.99$ (2000 Runestones) 10/10

If you like solo content, Hearthstone Solo Adventures is packed with a lot of fun and is a very legit way to play the game. Besides the regular Hearthstone experience, there are a ton of thriving mods like Hearthstone Battlegrounds and Hearthstone Arena, which we sometimes find more fun than the Standard play. Hearthstone Adventures falls into this category since it can shake up the overall card-game experience by forcing you to play in a different environment.

That being said, we will have a look at some of the Solo Adventures Blizzard has to offer. Do note only these ones are available and most of them you can claim free in the Blizzard Battlenet store, well except the two best ones (classic). Furthermore, they have a ton of content and are very well integrated with their theme and story. We also don’t usually buy Card Packs and Hearthstone “stuff” that often, but the 15-20$ we spent on the Dalaran Heist and Tombs of Terror adventures where money well spent. In regards to that, we made a list of the best current Hearthstone Solo Adventures that are available.

Before we get started, it’s worth mentioning that you can claim all the mentioned Free Hearthstone Adventures (7.-3.) in the Blizzard Battlenet Store, we actually found out this by accident on Reddit. While the 2 best Adventures cost money, the rest of them you can claim and play completely for free.

7. Rastakhan’s Rumble

Rastakhans rumble hearthstone solo adventure
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

While there are a lot of better Hearthstone solo adventures, Rastakhan’s Rumble can be used to kill time and it’s free in the Blizzard Store. The whole run is generally considered lackluster since there are no special features and the RNG is very high compared to some other Adventures that rely more on deckbuilding and a variety of playstyles, which we find to be the better and more fun option.

We don’t mind the RNG that much, it’s a card game after all, but only if other important factors are in place. The biggest issue with Rastakhan’s Rumble is that the cards you get just feel too random and not in synergy with each other. Sometimes you get a good combo, but that is far between the lines. Overall, we are not really fond of this Hearthstone Adventure since it doesn’t have that replayability and variety factor.

6. Knights of the Frozen Throne

knights of the frozen throne hearthstone solo adventure
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

If the whole Rise of the Lich King expansion didn’t fill your “Death Knight” needs, there is the Knights of the Frozen Throne solo adventure. Basically, you get to fight your way through the Icecrown Citadel and face many well-known bosses from our favorite lore in Warcraft. But be wary mortal, these bosses are not for the weak-minded.

The whole experience seems to be on the more difficult side, especially because of the unfair OP boss matchups you get. This will test your deckbuilding skills and, of course, how lucky you are in some cases. We also like the style of this Adventure as it has an “incremental” feel to it because of the Icecrown Citadel layers. All in all, a solid adventure that is a bit too reliant on RNG sometimes.

5. The Witchwood

the witchwood hearthstone solo adventure
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

The Witchwood Monster Hunt is a more classical dungeon run that paves the way to optimizing Heathstone’s formula of roguelike dungeon crawl style of play. You are given the option to choose from 4 Monster Hunters (a fancy way of saying Heroes): Tess Greymane (Tracker), Darius Crowley (Cannoneer), Toki (Time-Tinker), and Shaw (Houndmaster).

The best thing about this dungeon run is that when you defeat bosses, you get to choose from 3 different piles of cards and build your deck in the middle of the run. This style makes the adventure much more replayable and less frustrating. We find that the more set in stones and monotone the Adventure, the more frustrating and boring it is to play.

4. The Boomsday Project

the boomsday project solo adventure
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

As the title suggests, this adventure is focused heavily on Goblins and bombs, which we know is an essential part of any Warcraft-type game. We don’t want to spoil it too much for you, but it introduces a twist in comparison to regular solo adventures. That twist is Puzzle Labs. This is just a mechanic that is executed very well in our opinion.

It basically puts you in a “chess-like” puzzle with only one path to victory in the given setting. You then need to find the optimal way to play your cards counter to the enemies, and there is only one solution. This gets harder and harder as the puzzles go on. Although there is not much “freedom” aspect of playing in it, we found it very fun and different than your usual formula.

3. Kobolds and Catacombs

Kobolds and catacombs hs
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Probably one of the most known adventures, Kobolds and Catacombs is still played a lot by some people. It combines that perfect level of challenge and deck-building. Furthermore, you have almost all classes to choose from, so it’s very replayable. Some people just put on the challenge to beat it with all classes and play it for a long time.

If you don’t want to pay for the top 2 adventures that are below, this adventure comes close with the only lacking factor being that extra spice. Arguably this can be put at the top of the list, but the other 2 are just a bit better in terms of versatility and replayability, basically, you get a few more factors that come into play. Overall, this adventure is one of our favorites and the community seems to agree with that sentiment.

2. Tombs Of Terror

hearthstone solo adventures - Tombs of Terror
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

So we made it to the top 2. Hearthstone solo adventures. Tombs of Terror can arguably share the first place with Dalaran Heist since there are a lot of the same high-quality concepts that are present in both of these Adventures. If you want help to choose between these two, the main difference is the overall theme of the adventure. So if you prefer Uldum and the high-tech, space, and mysterious feeling of a game, this one is the right choice. Conversely, if you like the idea of a bank robbery and thief-like vibes, Dalaran Heist is the way to go.

Another important distinction is that variety and replayability are achieved in slightly different ways. For example, in Dalaran Heist, you can choose between 9 different classes (each has four Hero Powers), and in Tombs of Terror, you only have 4 classes (each has three Hero Powers), but you can pick one very powerful item in the beginning. Because of these two distinct mechanics, we found that Tombs of Terror paints a more “fun from the start” picture, while Dalaran Heist goes for extreme replayability and experimentation. Overall, Tombs of Terror is a top-tier adventure, and picking between the first two places is only a matter of preference and taste.

1. Dalaran Heist

hearthstone solo adventures - Dalaran Heist
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Dalaran Heist was our introduction to Solo Adventures and we honestly discovered it by accident. The overall effort and quality can be felt just by playing a few games. The deckbuilding, the variety of cards, and the vast amount of Heroes with different Hero Powers are all part of this excellent dungeon run. Moreover, there are a lot of different and quirky bosses to spice up the gameplay even further. We liked that for each run, the bosses are almost randomly assigned. This breaks that stale feeling of running into the same bosses over and over again.

Dalaran Heist is probably Blizzard’s best take on a card dungeon-crawler type of game. It’s worth mentioning that this was our hook to the whole Solo Adventure concept, and even though it’s a bit on the pricey side (19.99$), the whole experience and just unlocking the option to play it again in the future is well worth it. If you want to experiment with different classes and builds, replayability is at another level. Overall, this is one of the first Hearthstone Solo Adventures you should be looking at if you are willing to spend a bit of $ on it.

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