Best Hearthstone Meta Decks (Yogg-Saron Update)

hearthstone meta decks cover

Hearthstone meta decks are everchanging, and we are here to explore the latest and best ones that are currently being played. With the Fall of Ulduar update, there are a lot of new interesting cards that we can incorporate into the mix. We will give some control, tempo, and aggro decks because each player has their own individual playstyle. One more important thing that the Yogg-Saron patch brought are Anomalies. This is only for the short term, but we welcome any “chaotic” change in Hearthstone; it’s the nature of the game.

Also, do keep in mind that usually big control decks will be expensive, and small aggro ones are, more often than not, a lot cheaper. With the recent changes, there are a lot of new creative and crafty decks that we can choose from. These are just some of the few decks that caught our eye and that we played with. The nature of Hearthstone meta decks is that the players are always finding new things that work well with each other. Because of this, we will update and change this list in the future, depending on the state of the current meta. So without further ado, here are some of the top Hearthstone meta decks in the current season.

Arcane Secret Hunter

Secret Hunter as one of the best Hearthstone meta decks
Deck Code: AAECAR8GqZ8EmpIFsJIF2IEGqZUGrp4GDKqfBKeQBaqSBamTBaqkBejoBd/tBeryBfPyBcr2Bfz4Be2bBgAA

Hunter decks have had an interesting year, and as the meta developed, people started to realize how good Arcane Hunter is. It’s a very aggressive and “in your face” deck that aims to burn down opponents’ health quickly and with finesse. You will have a lot of offensive damage-dealing spells like Star Power, Conjured Arrow, Celestial Shot, and more.

Combining offensive cards with traps like Titanforged Traps will give you the tempo to cut down your opponent’s health and be disruptive on the board. Ignis, The Eternal Flame is, of course, always a good play, and the new Yogg-Saron, Unleashed works very well with this deck because you can bring down its cost a lot by spamming low-cost spells. Overall, it is a very good and surprisingly fun Hearthstone meta deck that has a certain unique flavor to it.


Miracle Rogue

Miracle Rogue Hearthstone deck
Deck Code: AAECAaIHBrezBMygBeigBeKkBd/DBamVBgz2nwT3nwT03QT13QT87QTBgwXdoAXfoAXgoAXBoQWdlQa1mQYAAA==

We love wild, unpredictable decks, and the Miracle Rogue build provides exactly that. The main idea is to have a good tempo with Potions that are created by Potion Belt, and Potionmaster Putricide (which works well with Chaotic Tendrils). Just like the name suggests, your winning condition is to pray for a miracle to happen. This is because the nature of the deck itself is that you will cast a lot of random things with potions and Chaotic Tendrils.

Yogg-Saron, Unleashed furthers this style of play even more and makes the game even more chaotic if you decide to cast his ability, which provides you with more Chaotic Tendrils. So the deck revolves around cards that instantly do damage in order to kill minions and build momentum, and then you can unleash your RNG specialties. Again, we really like this deck for its volatility and randomness; it’s simply fun to play.


Control Warlock

Control Warlock as one of the best Hearthstone meta decks
Deck Code: AAECAf0GCOWwBMeyBPXHBM6SBeKkBfnGBab7BdiBBgvnoATI6wWt7QX1+AX6+QXX+gXt/QXOgAbxgAbPngbXogYA

Similarly to Svalna Priest and Blood Death Knight, this Control Warlock deck has a lot of board clears, survivability cards, and extremely powerful late-game plays. There are a lot of similar cards across all control decks that aim to disrupt your opponent’s early stages (like Drain Soul) and provide you with extra Health and Armor. In the midgame, playing Symphony of Sins is good, but the full power of the card can only be obtained by prolonging the game.

Furthermore, Sargeras, the Destroyer will open a portal that will provide you imps indefinitely. Finally, Dar’Khan Drathir in combination with Reverberations is a very deadly combo that will force your opponent to deal with it immediately. Of course, this can only be realized if you manage to get into the later stages of the game.


Odyn Warrior

Odyn Warrior Hearthstone meta deck

This Warrior deck is in a very powerful place in the current meta. Yogg-Saron, Unleashed goes well here since the deck has a good tempo and you will probably cast a lot of Riffs in order to bring down the cost of Yogg-Saron. Cards like Sir Finley and Stoneskin Armorer are used to get all the minions that you want; the center of this deck is, of course, Odyn, Prime Designate, Ignus, the Eternal Flame, and the mentioned Yogg-Saron.

Every other card works around these three cards in order to provide you with a lot of survivability, board clears, utility, and drawing capabilities. The “kill shot” will be the three mentioned cards. The Ignus and Odyn have good synergy and you will most of the time be able to draw them because of the nature of the deck. Moreover, Yogg-Saron’s abilities will further provide you with a lot of versatility. We suspect some of the cards in this deck will get a nerf soon, so be careful with this one.


Pure Paladin

Hearthstone Pure Paladin as one of the best decks
Deck Code:

This deck has become a classic in the current meta. The overall idea is to be very aggressive from the start with smaller minions, in combination with Disco Maul, which can be devastating when pumped up to big numbers. In the midgame, you can deploy Horn of the Windlord in combination with something like Feast and Famine, which is a simple but extremely powerful play.

In the later stages, The Purator and The Leviathan will provide you with the momentum you need, and the finishing blow is usually done by playing The Countess. This card essentially gives you the ability to Discover and play four legendary cards almost for free. We can’t emphasize enough how good this ability is; it basically gives you an unpredictable and flexible winning condition since you actually get to Discover the legendaries. Overall, even though we are not the biggest fans of aggro decks, this one just hits differently and is very fun to play.


Svalna Priest

Hearthstone Svalna Priest Top Deck
Deck Code: AAECAa0GCq2KBPCfBKi2BJfvBP3EBc/GBc/2Bf74BdiBBs2eBg+i6AOEnwShtgT52wS43AS63ASGgwXgpAW7xAW7xwWt7QXt9wX7+AW4ngbRngYAAQPwnwT9xAW42QT9xAXvkQX9xAUAAA==

ETC: Rivendare, Warrider, Steamcleaner, Rustrot Viper

The current king of “toxic” control decks is, we have to admit, one of our favorites. Svalna Priest relies on a lot of board clears, and survivability, all in order to force stretch the game and play the key powerful minions like Sister Svalna + Love Everlasting, Blackwater Behemoth, and Aman’Thul + Power Word: Synchonize. These are all extremely powerful late-game cards that will turn the tide of the game really quickly. You will usually have to “weather the storm” in the early stages and start completely dominating the late stages of the game.

Of course, the biggest challenge is to get to that late stage of the game. Also, the main issue with the deck is that you can easily get overwhelmed, and you also let your opponent “do their thing”. For example, Plague Death Knight can infest your deck and you can’t do anything about it. This is because you can’t actually be aggressive at all until the later stages of the game. Nevertheless, this is one of the few Hearthstone meta decks that can make the game absolutely wild and long.


Relic Demon Hunter

Relic Demon Hunter as one of the Hearthstone meta decks
Deck Code:

Relic Demon Hunter is one of the best “build-up” decks in the current meta. The strategy of this playstyle is to ramp up your relic power to very high levels. You will have a bit of a slow start, but then you will be able to keep momentum until the end of the game. Building up your Relic power will buff a lot of your cards like Relic of Extinction, Relic of Phantasms, and Relic of Dimensions.

With these cards buffed up, you will have the ability to summon powerful minions, clear the enemy board, and have the utility of drawing cards with almost zero cost. Moreover, Artificer Xy’Mox will also be extremely powerful in the late stages of the game. Finally, you can utilize your Titan card, Argus, the Emerald Star, in combination with minions from Relic of Phantasms to buff them up, since they will have a lot of stats in later stages of the game.


Naga Mage

Hearthstone meta decks Naga Mage
Deck Code:

This deck is kind of wild and a bit random. The main idea is to Discover, cast, and quickly draw additional spells in order to take over the battlefield quickly. It’s a very fun playstyle since you get to Discover different spells a lot. Nagas work well for this type of strategy because they are low-cost and high-utility. Commander Sivara alone can provide you with significant momentum.

Moreover, Infinitize The Maxitude will also make sure you don’t ever run out of cards. Because you will probably cast a lot of different Spell Schools, Wisdom of Norgannon will be almost free to cast. As we already mentioned, everything revolves around Discovery and quickly gaining tempo and momentum. Finally, we have our main weapon, Sif, which works well with Spell School build and can deliver the final blow you need.


Totem Shaman

Hearthstone Totem Deck

Totem Shaman is a classic aggro that is simple to play and has a high win rate in the current meta. The deck doesn’t really beat around the bush; rather, the cards are extremely straightforward in their purpose. There are a few combos the deck can pull off, and the end goal is the same. To have a bunch of powerful minions with little effort.

Having a lot of minions on the board and playing Rotgill or Bloodlust is in itself very powerful. The Stonewright is also one of the key cards that will provide you with that extra punching power with Totems. Finally, Thing From Below and Gigantotem work similarly to Lightray from the Red Paladin deck, where you are just able to play a minion with a lot of stats and a low cost. Overall, this is one of the best Hearthstone meta decks if you are a fan of aggro playstyles.


Blood Death Knight

Blood DK Hearthstone Deck
Deck Code:

This deck is best compared to the mentioned Svalna Priest control type. The main idea is to wear out your opponent and then put Alexandros Mograine in order to chip away their health slowly. Also, surviving long enough to play The Primus is also in itself an effective strategy, since it’s one of the most powerful Titans in the game.

The board clears (like Soulstealer) of this deck is extremely annoying for your opponent and one of the most “toxic” Hearthstone meta decks right now. Moreover, things like Blood Boil and Vampiric Blood will add to your survivability. The main thing you need to master while playing this deck is the feeling of when you should play your board-clear cards. It’s kind of a cat-and-mouse game between your opponent being conservative by not playing all their cards and filling up their board, just so you can destroy it in one turn. While it can be fun to play, you will find that the games are a bit stale, you essentially need to clear the board and put 1 minion in play, which is not that alluring compared to Svalna Priest’s capabilities.


Drum Druid

Drum Druid Hearthstone Meta deck
Deck Code: AAECAZICAA+unwSuwASy3QTW3gTB3wS14wSxmAX53wX93wWw+gXx+gXZ/wWYgAapngasngYA

This one is also a classic aggro deck that has only one strategy in mind: summon a bunch of small minions and buff them up. Almost every card in the deck has the purpose of summoning small minions and gaining instant momentum and the upper hand over your opponent.

Once you manage to get a lot of minions on the board, the kill shot is to cast Drum Circle and Cultivation in order to buff them up. The idea is a pretty simple and effective way of playing an aggro deck. The main thing to look out for is the board clears that decks like Blood Death Knights and Svalna Priests possess. You can try to “bait them out” and force your opponent to play their cards before they want to. While it may not seem to play this deck hard on firsthand, you will quickly realize that sometimes you really need to know what your opponent is capable of and what cards they possess. Nevertheless, Drum Druid is one of the more cost-effective and simpler Hearthstone meta decks out there.


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