Deep Rock Galactic: November Maintenance Update Guide

Deep Rock Galactic Maintenance Guide

After a fair bit of waiting the Season 4 November Maintenance Update has finally arrived to Deep Rock Galactic on PC, bringing with it the much-awaited ability to opt out of the Rockpox
missions as well as some much-needed enemy and gear rebalancing. Here we hope to provide a brief summary, as well as some thoughts, on what the November maintenance update brings to Deep Rock Galactic. On a side note, feel free to check out our minigun build guide if you are in for some minigun action. Without further ado, let us begin.

Enemy and Rockpox Changes in the Maintenance Update

There were several changes to certain Opt-out mechanics as well as Rockpox changes which we will discuss here. The list of enemies that were affected by this update goes as follows: 

  • Litophage Corruptor
  • Glyhpid Stingtail
  • Glyphid Septic Spreader
  • Glyphid Praetorian (Frost Variant)

Rockpox and Lithophage Corruptor

In the seasonal event console, in the lower left corner, once you enter it, there is now a Season 4 checkbox for those who have reached level 100 in the battlepass. If it is unchecked, the corrupted zone will be removed from the map. Rockpox enemy waves will no longer spawn inside regular missions.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Map Difference
The map of Hoxxes before and after disabling the Rockpox mechanic.

The chance to get rockpox events (meteors and corruptors) will be reduced to the same levels as the events left over from past seasons. Rockpox will still appear on the map as a warning, but it will have the same chance to appear as the rest of the modifiers.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update - Disable Season 4 Content Prompt

In addition to the ability to opt out of the fight against the Rockpox, the Deep Rock Galactic maintenance update brought with it some changes to the Rockpox itself.

Boils can be popped from slightly closer without infecting the player. A quick little test on multiple enemy types saw the laser pointer give a readout of 2.6 meters before the boils were able to infect (2.5m AoE), which is a nice little improvement over the 3 meters it was before the Maintenance Update.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 Maintenance Update Boil Test
Shooting the Rockpox boils on various enemies to determine the new boil AoE radius.

Rockpox pretorian AoE

Popping a single boil will impart less infection than before..about 25% to the infection meter. However, popping multiple boils stacks properly and up to 5 times now so exercise caution when getting too close.

The delay before infection levels start to drop has been slightly reduced, and the rate at which they drop slightly increased. This change is small, though. Breaking free from infection has been made easier. It now takes 11 button presses rather than 16 from before the update.

Additionally, there’s now a “Hold to Breakout” option in the “Gameplay” menu screen which will break the rockpox immobilization by simply holding the movement keys. It is slower than doing it manually, however.

The player can still break out manually even if this option is enabled. Lastly, the short rockpox infection immunity window when breaking out of a hold should work properly now.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Lithophage Corruptor Stomp Attack
The Lithophage Corruptor performing a stomp attack

The Lithophage Corruptor has been tweaked to make his attacks easier to notice. The Stomp attack particles are now more visible and do a better job at communicating the attack’s range. The side of the Corruptor initiating the spike-wave attack will now flash a reddish-orange color.

Additionally, tentacles flashing the same color will stab into the ground to further help telegraph this attack. Finally, his maximum movement speed has been reduced. The Corruptor can still move fast when running away, but not to the same ludicrous degree as before.

Deep Rock Galactic Lithophage Corruptor Spike Attack Telegraph
The improved spike attack “tell”.

Glyhpid Stingtail

The Glyphid Stingtail was introduced to the disruptive enemy pool in Deep Rock Galactic Season 4. Like all disruptor enemies, it features unique modes of behavior or attacks that make it considerably more dangerous than the average bug.

In its case, this comes in the form of a grab attack that is used to separate a player from the team and bring him close enough for a devastating melee attack.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Glyphid Stingtail

Its inclusion was quickly met with criticism, several of which were that with its decent HP pool and armored main weakpoint it had too much staying power for such a dangerous foe, especially when playing solo.

The Stingtail can perform the grab attack over 10 times per minute and said attack can potentially open players up to lethal amounts of fall damage. Coupled with its strangely high spawn chance when it was in the missions spawn pool as well as its poor visibility within the swarm the Stingtail quickly rose up to the top of many player’s most hated lists.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Glyphid Stingtail
A Glyhpid Stingtail performs its Grab Attack.

In addition to the previous changes it received to its grab logic, the devs have now tried to reign the Stingtail further in. For starters, Stingtails now use normal enemy scaling. This means that it no longer scales with the amount of players in the game. A quick test done by shooting it at haz 2(no resistance bonus/malus for enemies with normal scaling) has revealed that the Stingtail now has 400 base HP, a sharp reduction from the 600 base HP it had previously.

This is a substantial reduction to health as on Haz 5 normal enemies gain 1.2x resistance, or 480 effective HP which doesn’t scale with player count. Previously on a 4-player haz 5 mission, the Stingtail would gain a 1.5x resistance bonus thanks to its large enemy scaling, or 900eHP.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Post Nerf Stingtail TCF Test
The only difference between messing around and science is writing it down.

Additionally, GSG made some tweaks to its elemental resistance values. Some quick and dirty notes we gathered seem to indicate it now has a 30% Fire resistance as the On Fire! status effect now deals 4.2 damage to it rather than 6.

The same story repeated itself with the Drillers TCF implosion, which dealt only 168 Fire damage rather than its default 240. On the other hand, electric damage sources such as the electrocution DoT from the Stubby or a High Voltage Breach cutter have seen a 30% damage increase.

Explosion damage seems to be even more effective as its sources, such as the PGL or the Autocannon return 50% increased values. So far Ice, Radiation, Poison from neurotoxin, and Corrosion damage remain unaffected. Shooting it with Scouts crossbow saw it take 10% more damage from the arrow’s pierce-damage component, implying it has gained a 10% weakness to pierce damage.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Sludge Pump Test on Stingtail
Many Stingtails were harmed in this “testing” process.

To summarize, the new values seem to be 30% Fire resistance, 30% Electricity weakness, 50% Explosive weakness, and 10% Pierce weakness.

The Stingtail’s general behavior remains mostly unaffected. The rate at which it attacks has been slightly reduced, but it’s still fairly high. Additionally, the attack range has been slightly decreased.

Once a player has been grabbed, there’s a 15-second grace period during which the stingtail won’t use its grab attack. It will still pursue the player aggressively, however.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Stingtail Visibility Update
Stingtail in near-complete darkness.

Its spawn rate has been adjusted, so it’s less common now apparently. The devs also tried addressing its visibility issues and now the numerous red spots on its armor glow more brightly in the dark. Additionally, its mouth hitbox is easier to shoot now.

All in all, a significant nerf. A pickaxe power attack with the damage-up mod can now quite literally destroy 50% of its HP on Haz 5.  Any C4 configuration will instakill it.

Glyphid Septic Spreader

A much simpler set of notes this time around. The Glyphid Septic Spreader was the second enemy introduced to Deep Rock Galactic in season 4. As an enemy that can lob projectiles over terrain, its criticisms were that there was no counterplay to the Spreader other than simply running to its hiding place and shooting it.

Teams without a Scout or solo players found themselves enduring prolonged bombardment. This issue was exacerbated on missions where the team had to stay in one place. On solo, this scenario was particularly a nightmare.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Glyphid Septic Spreader

After the update, the Septic Spreaders projectile can finally be shot down before it reaches its target. Be warned that the destroyed projectile will still spread goo under it.

At the start of the season, it took 3 platforms sometimes to cover the septic puddles. By the time those were deployed, the puddles would have decayed naturally anyway. In time, this has been tweaked so one platform can reliably cover the septic goo.

Septic Spreader Shot Destruction
The projectile is now destructible.

Now, thanks to some puddle adjustments, if there’s no goo visible on the platform that’s covering puddles, it should be safe to stand on.

Platforms on Puddles

Glyphid Praetorian (Frost Variant)

The Frost Praetorian got a small change in Deep Rock Galatic’s maintenance update. Its ice-breath attack can do a small amount of damage to the player now. The frost praetorian was the least successful of the Praetorian variants when it came to hunting dwarves, so this buff is an unsurprising one, to be honest.

The damage dealt is not that high, taking 4 ticks of damage to go through the player’s shields on a Haz5, 4-player mission.

Frost Praetorian Ice-Breath Attack
The damage is just under 7 points per tick at Haz 5, 4-player.

Keep in mind that the attack still slows down and freezes the players the same as before so avoiding that damage might not be easy for those caught in its spray. The elementalist perk works on this attack. With it, even the full attack is not strong enough to break shields.


A short bit about some small yet impactful changes that came to Deep Rock Galactic with the maintenance update.

Some additional changes are that enemies who were immune to the electrocution effects movement reduction are now affected by it but at a significantly reduced effectiveness. This will be most noticeable on Oppressors and Dreadnoughts who were previously unaffected by the electrocution slowdown (With taser bolts being the exception to this rule). The Shellback with its 100% electricity immunity while rolling remains unaffected by this change.

The Hiveguard has been given a failsafe feature in the form of a timer that forces it to spawn its Sentinels should it fail to do so.

Weapon Maintenance System

Coming to Deep Rock Galactic with the November update is the Weapon Maintenance System. Its inclusion was a surprise, but a welcome one. It allows players to earn four new weapon paint jobs for each gun in the game. This system can be found in a new tab in the seasonal console next to the drop pod. 

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Weapon Maintenance System

Equipped weapons will receive XP for doing mission objectives. Once enough XP has been accumulated on a weapon, the system will reward the player with their new skin.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Yellowjacket Skin
The “Yellowjacket” skin is the first unlock at 25,000 XP.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Cobalt Crackle Skin
The second skin is “Cobalt Crackle”; it unlocks at 30,000XP earned.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Heroic Skin
The penultimate unlock is the “Heroic” skin at 40,000XP.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Grasshopper Skin
The “Grasshopper” skin is the final unlock at 50,000XP.

According to the developers, each new season will bring a new skin with it, and the skins won’t be season-locked so all players can earn them in time. Honestly, We’re glad to see something like this finally make its way to Deep Rock Galactic.

Oftentimes, people will find just one or two combos of guns that work for them and never bother to properly try out the rest. Now that there is a system to incentivize players to dust off weapons they haven’t used in a while, perhaps people will find something new they enjoy. And, of course, veterans of the game get a new system to keep them playing.

The skins themselves also look fantastic, and the game really needed some more simple color schemes for its guns.

Weapon Balance After the Maintenance Update

Among the new systems that came to Deep Rock Galactic, the maintenance update also brought with it some weapon and overclock changes. The following weapons have seen changes in the latest update:

  • Arms Core Coil Gun
  • Stubby Voltaic SMG
  • Breach Cutter
  • Wave cooker
  • C4
  • Jurry Rigged-boomstick

Let’s discuss each one separately and see what changes have been made. 

ArmsKore Coil Gun

The coilgun has received some interesting changes this time around. The most obvious is that the reload speed reduction mod, “Improved Feeding System” in T2C, has been removed. It was used to reduce reload speed by 1 second when equipped. Some of it was added to the base reload speed of the weapon, reducing it from 2.5 seconds to 1.9 seconds.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Coil Gun Gear Modifications
Pre-Maintenance (left) and post-November-Maintenance-Update (right) gear modification tree.

Its place is now occupied by the +150% charge speed “Optimized Magnetic Circuit” mod, which itself used to sit in T1C. In T1C we now have a new mod called “Resonance Tuning” which increases the duration of spawned trails by 2 seconds.

The T5B mod, “Dilated Injector System” now increases trail width by 1m, which is double than before the update (0.5m). The base trails have been changed to deal 3.9 fire damage (tested on a Haz 4 Praetorian) at a constant tick rate. The base trails spawned by the Coil Gun now stack. The same is not true for the electric trails from T5C, however.

Overcharger Mod post-update

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Overcharger Mod

The Overcharger mod was buffed to give +100 damage at maximum overcharge. We weren’t quite sure what exactly this meant as Overcharger worked in such a way that it gained +8 kinetic damage for every 0.25 seconds spent holding a fully charged shot.

It used to be that the coil gun always took 2.5 seconds to overheat. Because of that, charge speed upgrades gave the Overcharger mod more time to accumulate damage since less of those 2.5 seconds would be spent getting a shot to full charge.

Now the charge speed mod occupies the same tier as Overcharger, so the only things left to affect charge speed on a coilgun with it equipped are the Mole and Triple Tech Chambers OCs (0.8x and 0.7x charge speed respectively. 0.7x for the Hellfire OC as well, but it’s never used with it).

Overcharger Heat Test at Maximum Overcharge
Base gun (up) and TTC (down) firing as soon as Overcharger reaches its max bonus.

Same as before this mod proves to be a pain to figure out. For starters, the time it takes for the coil gun to overheat has become more dynamic. Now, once a shot is fully charged, the rate at which it accumulates heat will slow down by half. So, more charge speed means less time spent charging a shot and more time in this lower heat-generating state. And so, a faster charge rate means it takes the gun more time to overheat.

It overheats the quickest using TTC (70% charge speed = 3.8 seconds to overheat) and the slowest using T2C (250% charge speed = 4.6 seconds) according to our timer. Using a haz 4 Praetorian as a test dummy for some quick and dirty testing and firing the base gun at the final possible moment before an overheat produced 233.9 damage (130 base + 100 from Overcharger and 3.9 from the trail whose first tick procs instantly).

Doing the same with Mole and Triple Tech Chambers produced the same result. After a second of holding a fully charged shot the gun dealt 50 bonus damage regardless of charge speed or OC. Firing at different timings saw Overcharger increment the damage by 12.5. Measuring the time it takes to reach this increment puts the new value at 12.5 damage for every 0.25 seconds.

Coil Gun Overcharger
There’s no point in holding an overcharge for longer than 2 seconds. (Base gun + Overcharger shown in both pictures)

After two seconds of holding a fully charged shot, Overcharger gained its maximum damage value of 100 on all Overclocks. Therefore, overcharging the gun for longer than 2 seconds doesn’t provide additional value. This way the gun at its base charge speed can actually fire an overcharged shot at max effectiveness way before the yellow overheating warning on the front of the gun becomes visible.

Whether this buff will make Overcharger worth using over the other options in its tier (aside from the Mole OC with which it has traditionally been paired thus far) remains to be seen, however.

Necro-Thermal Catalyst mod post-update

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 November Maintenance Update Necro-Thermal Catalyst

The T5A mod, “Necro-thermal catalyst”, has been reworked. Rather than doing 140 damage (50% fire/50% explosive) in a 4-meter radius it now deals 80 Fire damage in a 6-meter radius. The fire damage applies the same amount of heat to the target, allowing it to easily ignite grunts in its radius.

The damage falls off to 50% at the end of its maximum range. The damage seems to start falling off at 4 meters but We haven’t been able to confirm that yet. Regardless, as 30 heat is all it takes to set grunt variants on fire, this mod will always deal enough heat to ignite those enemies in its entire radius as well as instakill swarmers through raw fire damage.

Necro-Thermal Catalyst Explosion

Interestingly enough, since this amount of damage isn’t enough to instakill slashers and guards but still sets them on fire, it means they can be used to trigger additional explosions. All in all, it performs well and creates a spectacular fireball each time it’s triggered.

Additionally, burning targets take 30% more damage from the coil gun. One extremely annoying aspect of this mod is that it damages dwarves caught in its blast. The damage is minuscule so no need to worry about teammates, but it will interrupt the shield’s recharge.

Necro-Thermal Catalyst Explosion

NTC’s main problem was that it always suffered to find a place on Gunner’s loadouts. Gunner’s weapons most commonly used as an ignition source are Burning Hell minigun or Napalm Hurricane, and those already do a decent job at horde clearing.

Because of that, they’re often paired with a Volatile Bullets bulldog instead to give the Gunner some pretty impressive single-target damage as well as to round out his loadout that way. A minigun with Hot bullets does work, but can be a bit fiddly at times.

Necro-Thermal Catalyst explosion seen in first person
NTC explosion as seen in first person.

Gunners fire grenades can work well, turning enemies that would usually survive it (such as guards) into potential explosions. In short, NTCs is a potent mod but it remains to be seen whether or not it will be embraced by the community.

All in all, these changes don’t change the nature of the gun much, but they do provide a significant buff in most scenarios. Faster reload speed and trail stacking in particular.

Hellfire Overclock post-update

Hellfire Overclock for the ArmsKore Coil Gun

Hellfire, its most prominent OC, got nerfed significantly by having its +1m trail width bonus removed. The trails spawned by it are the same width as that of a default coilgun. It’s honestly not hard to see why the nerfed happened. The potent crowd control combo of fear and electrocution for starters.

The cocktail of electricity, fire, and base trail DoTs that saw it deal decent damage to affected targets. And all of that wrapped up in a large 1.3-meter trail that saw trash mobs affected by fear burn away before they could return to the fight.

The 50% damage reduction while charging is the final cherry on top. This potent set of features enabled this OC to keep Gunners safe even in some of the most absurd scenarios Deep Rock Galactic could offer.

ArmsKore Coil Gun with a T5B Hellfire OC
Two shots from a T5B Hellfire Coil Gun causing a group of grunts to mass-ignite.

Now, its small width sees a good amount of the enemies run away before coming in contact with the trail if the fear mod is equipped. Using T5B can return it to the 1.3 meters it had previously, allowing it to easily mass ignite bugs again, but sacrifices the T5C electricity mod to do so. And it’s still 0.5 meters less than using T5B on the pre-maintenance update Hellfire.

So, in short, a significant nerf. Its ability to ignite enemies does mean it synergizes well with the new Necro-Thermal Catalyst, especially with the charge speed mod and the increased reload speed of the gun. However, as it takes a fully charged shot to create a heat trail, it can be quite ammo-hungry when used in this manner.

Backfeeding Module Overclock post-update

Backfeeding Module OC for the ArmsKore Coil Gun

The Backfeeding module OC got changed around a bit. Its -20 direct damage downside has been replaced by a new -3 second trail duration malus. Before the November Maintenance Update, this OC was rarely seen as regular coilgun builds were usually ammo efficient enough that players preferred to use different Overclocks instead.

This change makes it worse at trail spamming, as even with the new T1C mod, the trail will only last for 4 seconds. It would seem the devs want to turn this into a single-target-focused OC. This allows the gun to grab the T1A damage mod while having a good amount of ammo.

This is enough damage for the gun to be able to instakill Glyphid Guards and Septic Spreaders by hitting their weakpoints. The charge speed mod now found in tier 2 can make that a lightning-quick process. This combo of good damage per shot and fast charge speed make it a decent pick for use with the new NTC mod.

Since it can one-shot guards this means all glyphid variants, as well as some a bit larger bugs, are potential explosion sources with NTC. It does need a primary that can set things on fire well, like a Burning Hell minigun for that, though.

Triple-Tech Chambers Overclock post-update

Triple-Tech Chambers OC for the ArmsKore Coil Gun
TTC allows the Coil Gun to fire 2 additional shots after the first one. These shots cost half the energy of the first one. Waiting for longer than 1 second between shots deactivates this ability.

Triple-Tech Chambers has received a buff. The second and third shots now deal 75% of the damage of the first shot fired instead of the 50% from before the maintenance update. No complaints here.

This OC was already the king of generalist coilgun builds. Being able to spam several electric trails for crowd clear or doing a nice chunk of damage quickly to a priority or heavy target. The trail stacking made it even better now.

Ultra-Magnetic Coils (A bit about)

Ultra-Magnetic Coils OC for the ArmsKore Coil Gun

Interestingly enough, while the Ultra-Magnetic coils OC saw no changes to itself in the November maintenance update, the changes done to the gun/OCs were a big boon to it. This OC can now produce the longest burning trail at 8 seconds with T1C.

It can create the widest trail at 1.8 meters with the T5B mod. It’s also the only OC that can create a larger-than-base electric trail at 0.8 meters. And the reload speed buff actually makes it easier to spam trails.

“Stubby” Voltaic SMG:

The SMG’s two damage mods have had their bonus increased from +2 damage to +3. With both of them equipped, the Stubby now deals 15 damage, which is enough to one-shot swarmers or kill grunts in three headshots with the weakpoint mod equipped.

To compensate for this the weakpoint damage mod and the bonus damage to electrified targets mod, both found in T4, have had their bonus decreased from 30% to 25%. Comparing some old numbers from before the November maintenance update We see that builds using both ammo mods perform a bit worse than before due to the 5% loss on T4 mods.

Stubby Voltaic SMG Gear Modifications post November maintenance update
The gear modification tree before (left) and after (right) Deep Rock Galactic November maintenance update.

This isn’t particularly important since you probably shouldn’t be using two ammo on a direct-damage Stubby anyway. Builds that take an ammo and a damage mod perform too similar to be easily comparable thanks to stubbys random electricity procs.

However, the better damage mod seems to be able to compensate for the 5% loss in T4 mods and builds with it end up being a bit better than before.

Stubby builds that take both damage mods are the winner here as their performance is noticeably better than before. Taking two damage mods was already heavily recommended when using the SMG for single-target damage, so this is a plain and simple buff to that build.

Stubby Voltaic SMGs new Armor Break Mod

More importantly, the Deep Rock Galactic Maintenance Update gave the Stubby two new mods. The first one is “Hardened Rounds”, an armor break mod that finds its new home in T4. It buffs the SMG’s armor break property from 50% to 300%. As with all armor break mods (That work. This one does.), the bullet that goes through armor will not have its damage reduced/absorbed.

This difference in armor breaking is immediately noticeable; with Stubby being able to easily break through a grunt’s light armor, the heavy leg armor of a grunt guard or a Praetorian’s heavy armor when approaching its weakpoint is not an option. That being said, as with most armor break mods you still want to shoot weakpoints instead.

While grunt armor will break most of the time, it’s not a 100% chance even with both damage mods. Against armored targets, it’s a bit of a mixed bag in regular gameplay. It’s better than the other T4 choices against Brundles due to their strong armor.

Stubby Voltaic SMGs Armor Break mod vs Shellback
A 30 Round Mag (7% Ammo) from a full-damage, no-OC Stubby against a Q’ronar Shellback.

It makes dealing with Glyphid Stingtails easier since it only takes 2 bullets to break through their armor with both damage mods, which ends up being more useful than it sounds because of the bugs erratic movement and Stubby’s high recoil causing shots to miss and hit unbroken armor sections instead.

Breaking through Shellback armor while it’s still rolling is an option now, but a costly one, ammo-wise. Shooting them once they stop rolling is often the better option. All in all, We’re pretty indifferent about this one at the time of writing.

Stubby Voltaic SMGs new Season 4 Novemeber Maintenance Update Accuracy Mod

The other is a spread reduction mod in Tier 5. It reduces the Stubbys base spread to 60% of base value, slightly increasing accuracy as a result. This is another mod that left us with a bit of a mixed feeling, as even without it. We never felt that the gun suffered much for its absence in regular gameplay.

Stubby Voltaic SMG Accuracy Test
Three 30-round magazines at a range of 15 meters. Base Stubby spread (left) vs Stubby spread with the T5C accuracy mod equipped (right).

The Stubby always suffered more from its bizarrely high recoil and the need to constantly counteract it by moving the mouse. Still, the accuracy buff is good enough to warrant consideration on single-target builds. It does provide good value by counteracting the spread malus on “EM Refire Booster”, one of its most popular OCs.

Stubby Voltaic SMG EM Refire Booster Overclock With and Without the Accuracy Mod
Three 30-round magazines at a range of 15 meters. EM Refire Booster with (right) and without (left) the T5C Accuracy Mod.

EM Discharge:

Speaking of Overcloks, EM Discharge received a wonderful buff. It no longer deals any friendly fire damage. No more angry teammates yelling in chat about how their shields stopped recharging. Additionally, it no longer features any damage falloff.

Stubby Voltaic SMG EM Discharge Overclock radius

Bugs at the end of its radius will take the same damage as those right next to the turret. Finally, the turrets now show the range of their AoE on the ground when the stubby is equipped.

Stubby Voltaic SMG EM Discharge Overclock activated

Turret Arc

Turret Arc has also received a similar treatment. When building turrets they will now project their arcs maximum range on the ground. No more need to measure 15m from turret to turret while setting them up.

Stubby Voltaic SMG Turret Arc Overclock Radius

Coming into contact with the turrets will no longer damage players, allowing them to pass through the setup. Players will still take damage from the electricity arc between the turrets. Additionally, the arc slowdown lingers for a few moments after enemies leave

Stubby Voltaic SMG Turret Arc Overclock Activated

It’s nice to see the Stubby get some buffs after such a long while. It has long been considered the weakest of Engineer’s primary Weapons. The Deep Rock Galactic maintenance update buffed its two strongest builds which are the single-target Stubby with EM Refire Booster and the EM Discharge Overclock.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t address the complaints that the SMG is a bit anemic compared to the other options, especially builds that utilize its main electrocution feature. Still, we’re happy to see it get some much-needed love.

Breach Cutter: (Roll Control and High Voltage Crossover)

The old Roll Control OC has been reworked. Previously, holding down the trigger would spin the projectile. Once the trigger was released, it would stop rotating. This way, the angle of the projectile could be adjusted to match the angle of the terrain.

Breach Cutter Old Roll Control
Old Roll Control OC.

By doing this, the OC attempted to mitigate the Breach Cutter’s main weakness, which is that it’s a very terrain-dependent weapon that performs the best on flat surfaces. This didn’t quite pan out and Roll Control was a pretty rare sight in the game.

Breach Cutter Old Roll Control OC
Old Roll Control in action.

The new Roll Control OC now allows players to control the projectile. By holding the trigger when a projectile is launched, it will attempt to track where the player is aiming at. The projectile also quickly rotates around its axis making it easier to hit enemies on uneven terrain.

Breach Cutter New Roll Control
Firing slightly right of the bugs and then adjusting the trajectory by aiming left.  (We had to aim a lot more left than what the lower picture shows as the turn speed of the projectile is quite slow)

The projectile spins regardless of whether it’s being controlled or not. As a bonus, the projectile lifetime has been increased by 0.5 seconds. The Plasma trail in T5B has an interesting reaction with it.

As the projectile spins, the plasma it deposits takes the shape of an uneven pillar-like structure. This helps it damage enemies on uneven terrain but might hurt its performance a small bit against swarmers on flat surfaces.

Breach Cutter New Roll Control with Plasma Trail

Our worry with this new spin mechanic was that damage against enemies was going to suffer. Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to be the case as large targets and many smaller ones seem to take the same amount of damage. (At least, in an ideal-hit scenario. The angle of impact plays a big part as you want the projectile to stay in contact with the enemy for as long as possible while also hitting weakpoints)

Some enemies, like spitballers and Mactera are much easier to hit now due to the spin. The spin mechanic is the star of the show as it helps the gun deal with enemies on uneven terrain better.

The 0.5-second projectile lifetime is a bigger boon than people give it credit for since grabbing the magazine size mod is much more preferable in most scenarios over the projectile duration mod in the same tier. As a result, for the time being, we’re happy with the Overclock.

Finally, The High Voltage crossover OC has seen a small buff. The electricity DoT now lasts 5 seconds instead of 4. It deals 4 electric damage every 0.25 seconds. The total damage the DoT can do was increased from 64 to 80 as a result.

Wave Cooker (Gamma Contamination)

Not so much a change as much as a bug fix to the Gamma Contamination Overclock. It now works properly when hitting armor.

Wave Cooker Gamma Contagion OC

Previously on armored targets, the player had to aim for the weakpoints to be able to irradiate them, which for an OC all about quickly spreading mass radiation DoTs was a bit annoying.

C4 (Satchel Charge)

It now rounds up when resupplying. Resupplying will give the player 2 Ammo back even if their maximum carry capacity is 3 charges.

C4 now Rounds Up
Note the Ammo Counter in the lower right corner.

For a long time, the meta option was taking both ammo mods exactly because it would net two charges per resupply. Hopefully, this will increase C4 build variety by letting players grab the damage or AoE range increase mods.

Jury-rigged Boomstick (Shaped Shells)

The Shaped shells OC received a buff that sees its horizontal spread reduced by an even greater amount than before. As a result, the Boomsticks shots are far more accurate and feature a symmetrical spread pattern.

Base vs Shaped Shells Accuracy on the Boomstick
Base Shotgun (left) vs Shaped Shells (Right) at a range of 15 meters.

Its crosshairs have been changed by the devs to reflect this change.


Some good changes came to Deep Rock Galactic with the November maintenance update. We imagine most players, like us, will be happy with this one. Especially with the ability to opt out of the Rockpox seasonal mechanic. And not to mention the new Weapon Maintenance System, which came as quite a surprise to the player base.

We hope this summary fulfilled its purpose and brought the reader up to speed with what’s new. Rock and Stone, Miner.

Image Credit: Ghost Ship Games

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