6 TV Shows Like Legend of The Seeker To Watch in 2023

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If you enjoyed Legend of The Seeker and still can’t deal with the fact that the show was canceled before season 3 was released – you have come to the right spot. We prepared a short list of 6 TV shows that are similar to our beloved Seeker, ranked from the least to the most similar one. When we made the list, we made sure that the essence of what made the Seeker great was in those shows as well – great cosplay, 90’s fantasy show vibe, decent acting, and a marry-band-of-heroes-saving-the-world plot premise. Without further ado, check out our list of shows like Legend of the Seeker.

Richard and Kahlan from Legend of the Seeker
Photo credits: Legend of the Seeker, ABC

6. The Shannara Chronicles

Shannara Chronicles printscreen
Photo credits: Shannara Chronicles, MTV

We start our list of shows like Legend of The Seeker with an adaptation of a fantasy novel “The Elfstone of Shanarra” – The Shannara Chronicles. The show aired back in 2016 and had two seasons before it was canceled in 2017. The setting and the plot premise are almost identical to LoTS: a group of heroes, some armed with magic, some just with blades, are saving the world from impending doom. The gist of this show is the fact that although the setting looks like a magical land, it feels dystopian and post-apocalyptic.

The problem with the show was that it wanted too much and aimed to attract a younger audience with modern dialog and slang that just didn’t fit in the fantasy setting. Be it as it may, the show is watchable and relaxing, and most importantly similar to our Seeker so you can give it a shot.

5. Merlin

A printscreen showing Merlin and Artur in action from a TV show Merlin
Photo credits: Merlin, BBC

The next stop in our quest to find the show most similar to Legend of the Seeker takes us to one of the most famous names of the fantasy genre in general – Merlin. The Arthurian legend was revived back in 2008 by BBC and has had a solid run of 65 episodes spanning through 5 seasons. The show is not exactly the same as the legend of Merlin that we all know, it is more like a loosely “based on” type of series. Arthur is in it as well and over a period of time, he and Merlin go on a series of adventures.

The show was highly praised and gained a lot of sympathy among fantasy genre fans of that time. The cosplay and the visual effects are decent and Colin Morgan nailed it as Merlin. That being said, the dialogs are a bit cliche and could have been written better – but hey, at least you will get that 90’s show vibe while watching it. It is definitely worth your time, especially if you like shows that are based on legends.

4. Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena Warrior princess in action printscreen
Photo credits: Xena: Warrior Princess, NBC

For all the 90’s kids, Xena was a sight to see on the telly. It has remained the same although many shows with the same premise have been made in the previous 30 years. One of the reasons why Xena is on our list is the fact that Sam Raimi, the creator of Legend of the Seeker, was also the producer of Hercules and Xena: The Warrior Princess. To state the obvious, Xena is much more quirky and less “serious” than Legend of the Seeker. The show ran from 1995 until 2001 and has been rewatched numerous times since then. This is also one of the first shows that had a strong female lead and thus had a great influence on future television series of the fantasy genre.

Portrayed by Lucille Frances Lawless, Xena reanimated a famous myth and gained numerous fans in fandom. Although the visual effects can’t compare to present-day shows, Xena: Warrior Princess is still enjoyable and we recommend you (re)watch it, especially if you enjoyed Legend of the Seeker.

3. Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone Alina
Photo credits: Shadow and Bone, Netflix

Shadow and Bone is another interesting pick if you want to watch a show similar to Legend of The Seeker. It is a Netflix adaption of a novel by Leigh Bardugo and, at least to Netflix standards, a pretty good fantasy TV show. It is decent in all aspects – the visuals are probably the thing that sticks out the most but the acting is pretty good (most of the time). The first season, released in 2021, was well-admitted amongst the fandom. However, the second season, which was released just a few months ago, was deemed a bit dull compared to the first one, mainly because there was so much politics involved in it.

Be it as it may, Jassie Mei Li did a great job in her portrayal of Alina Starkov, and the rest of the crew, especially Ben Barnes (general Kirigan) performed decently as well. Although this show has some modern-day problems, it will still give you that Legend of the Seeker vibe that you crave.

2. The Witcher

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in Witcher
Photo credits: The Witcher, Netflix

Our pick for the second TV show closest to the Legend of the Seeker is The Witcher. There are several reasons why this show is so high on our list – first of all, the Witcher and his companions do resemble Richard Cypher and his gang. Both teams have a similar structure: a sword-wielding lesser magic user (Richard Cypher and Geralt of Rivia), a wizard or a sorceress (Zedacus Zul Zulander and Yennefer), and tons of other magic users in both teams. One might argue that the character of Cara Mason is like no other but still, there are plenty of similarities between The Witcher and The Legend of the Seeker.

The Witcher has finished its third season and has had a rocky journey to it. Henry Cavill left the show over a supposed dispute with the writers and to be honest, after watching season 3, he can’t be blamed. The first season was a bit confusing for the viewers because of the different timelines but overall, it was an interesting fantasy work of art to watch on modern telly. The second season really gave The Witcher a push and many viewers were confused about why Mr. Cavill decided to leave. However, this summer the third season was released – and it flopped big time. We won’t get into details now, we will just say that the writers tried to add a game-of-thrones style of politics to the show and failed, leaving the future of this show unpredictable.

1. The Wheel of Time

Wheel of Time, one of the shows like Legend of the Seeker, fight screen, season 1 printscreen,
Photo credits: The Wheel of Time, Amazon Prime

Throughout the last 3 decades, there have been numerous debates about whether The Sword of Truth book series that Legend of the Seeker is based on, is just a copycat of its predecessor – Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. The arguments were inconclusive but one thing is for sure – they are pretty similar in many aspects. For that reason, the adaptation of the Wheel of Time book series has to be on top of our list of shows like Legend of the Seeker.

It would be even more interesting to see how similar the book series were if the writers actually decided to follow the source material entirely – but they didn’t. In our opinion, this is one of the reasons why the fandom of Wheel of Time is so unhappy with the adaptation, and hopefully, the writers will come to their senses before the next season hits the small screens. The second season of Wheel of Time is scheduled to premiere on September 1st this year so we highly recommend that you watch the first season before it. For all the Seekers out there, this will be an amazing experience at least in comparing striking similarities between these two TV shows.

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