Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan Guide + Best Talent

warcraft rumble emperor thaurissan guide

In this Warcraft Rumble Thaurissan guide, we will explore the latest Blackrock leader. He is a pretty cool refreshment in the current stale state that Warcraft Rumble is facing. While this leader doesn’t really have some flashy unique abilities, the “bruiser-style” gameplay he brings is nice. If you are new to the game, we suggest you check out our comprehensive Warcraft Rumble beginner’s guide to get a general sense of the game.

Due to his tankiness, good AOE, and Army buff, relatively low cost, this new leader has good potential and is fun to play with. In the article, we will explore the Thaurissan leader, his stats/abilities, his best talents, what army loadout can work well with him, and the overall gameplay strategy.

Emperor Thaurissan Stats/Ability

Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan leader ability     

The main ability of Thaurissan is that that he can buff other minis on the board. His ability is somewhat the same concept as Cairne Bloodhoof – work on maximizing the buffing of your army that this leader provides. This is very powerful if used correctly, it usually works well with some smaller minis that can chip away health at a fast pace, more on this in the Army Loadout section.

In regards to the stats of Thaurissan, he has surprisingly high HP and he deals decent AOE ground damage. The tankiness is very important since you will always want at least 1 Thaurissan on the board while you’re engaging with the enemy. Remember, the buff is active on the whole map, while Thaurissan is in play.

Thaurissan Best Talent

Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan best talent choice

If you want the safe choice that will work in most situations, pick Hubris and follow it up with a big mini. Incinerate is very effective against large minis and we consider this a viable option as well, incinerating an enemy pudge and seeing him tick down from the burn is very satisfying.

The third talent, Moira’s Wit, is nice, but kinda situational because Tharusissan isn’t really a tank, so usually you won’t get the full value of the heals this Talent provides since he will be in the backline. We would say that the best Thaurissan talent goes like this: Hubris>Incinerate>Moira’s Wit, depending on the scenario of course, don’t take anything at face value in this Warcraft Rumble Thaurissan guide, because it really depends on the situation your up against.

Emperor Thaurssian Minis Synergy

Now that we’ve seen how Thaurissan works and what’s he all about, let’s look at some good minis and army synergies that can work well with this leader. Note that as with everything in Warcraft Rumble, the ideal choice of minis is heavily situational, especially in PvE.

Harvest Golem

Harvest Golems accomplish two things, they are good tanks for a low cost, which is needed in the synergy with Thaurissan, and they have the talent to summon Chickens on death. Remember that the burn damage is applied from all your attack sources, including summoned Angry Chickens as well. The thing to watch for when playing this 7-cost combo is for air units because neither Harvest Golem nor Thaurissan have anti-air capabilities.

Angry Chickens

Warcraft rumble angry chickens

While we are on the subjects of chickens, it is worth mentioning the actual Angry Chickens mini. As we already mentioned above, these little farm animals will be like clucking flamethrowers when you combine them with Thaurissan. Their fast attacks and numbers work very well with applying burn damage.


warcraft rumble quilboar mini

You might think Quilboar is an odd choice for a Thaurissan army, but the Bristleback talent (Each time he is attacked, he deals small AOE damage) is a very good combo with the Thaurissan buff.

Defias Bandits

warcraft rumble defias bandits mini

Defias Bandits are just good units by themselves, especially when they have the Pick Lock talent and there are 2 Chests on the map. The 1-cost for a mini that has Stealth, Stun, Pick Lock, and Burn damage (with Thaurissan) is a very strong choice and “value proposition”. We put this unit at the top of our Warcraft Rumble tier list for this very reason.


Warcraft rumble harpies mini

Harpies are kind of Yawn and we see them in a lot of army comps, but the difference here is that they have high attack speed that will go well with the Thaurissan buff. On top of that, you will need additional anti-air if you plan to go for Chickens/Bristleback/Harvest Golem in your army.

Whelp Eggs

warcraft rumble whelp eggs mini

Whelps Eggs is generally a top-tier pick, regardless of the fact that the Thaurissan burn damage buff doesn’t work on Whelp Eggs. Remember, it only works on minis that don’t have Elemental attacks. Nevertheless, they can counter lone minis that don’t have anti-air…anywhere on the map. That in itself is very powerful and considering the fact that you do need more anti-air, Whelp Eggs will come in very handy.


Warcraft rumble huntress mini

Huntress remains one of the most versatile minis in the game. She has a ground and air attack, her attack bounces to multiple enemies, she has Resistance and she is fast. The main downside of Huntress is that she isn’t really tanky, and is a 5-cost unit. Regardless, she works well with Thaurissan since the bounces incinerate enemies.

Emperor Thaurissan Army Loadout

Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan army loadout

The Army loaded out above is just one of many Thaurissan builds you can make. This loadout has a lot of things going for it, you have a lot of anti-air, splash damage, utility units, and anti-tank attacks mainly coming from the burn damage that Thaurissan provides.

That being said, this army is not ideal in all situations and can be swapped out for choices that work well:

Defias Bandits or Blackrock Miner for Bristleback – if you don’t have a lot of Chests or Gold Mines, having a Bristleback instead of a Blackrock Miner or Defias Bandits is a better choice.

Huntress for another high-cost mini (Abomination, Stonehoof Tauren, Ogre Magi,…) – Huntress isn’t ideal in every situation and can feel weak against armored units, consider some high-cost alternatives.

Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan tactics

Also, remember that units don’t necessarily need to work with your leader. For example, if you are stuck on a Heroic mission in which the enemy is summoning Molten Giants, throwing in a Banshee is an excellent idea. Another example if the enemy has a lot of air minis, throwing in a Troll Berserker will also work wonders even though he doesn’t have an excellent synergy with Thaurissan. The main point is that usually, the mini-to-mini counter is more important than a “perfect” army synergy and that this Warcraft Rumble Thaurissan guide should be used as a general guideline, instead of an absolute fact.


In this Warcraft Rumble Thaurissan guide, we discussed everything from stats and talents to synergies and tactics that are ideal for this particular leader. Again, this is just a guideline and the idea of what Tharussian plays should look like, but do remember that a lot of things in Warcraft Rumble are situational, especially if you’re playing Heroic PvE!

Photo Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

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