Monster Hunter Now: Lance Explained [2024]

Among available Monster Hunter Now weapons you will find powerful Lance. The Lance is added in the latest update (December 2023), and it can be unlocked in the main quest in Chapter 2 even if you are a beginner, check out our Monster Hunter Now beginners guide. Otherwise, it will be already shown in your weapon menu.

What is Lance?

Lance is, along with Dual Blades, one of the newly introduced melee weapons. Unlike Dual Blades, Lance is a weapon with a long reach, meaning you can have some distance from attacking monsters. Lance comes in the package with a very big shield. This makes its use similar to Sword and Shield.

Monster Hunter Now Lance and Shield Stance

The Lance together with Shield is a practical weapon that gives you the ability to play dynamic style. You can efficiently play both offense and defense and it gives you a variety of different combos to execute. It is also very easy to defend against monster attacks and to do counterattack damage. The defense stance is activated with a long hold on the screen.

How to play Lance in Monster Hunter Now

You need to understand all combos and functions of Lance to be able to maximally utilize its potential. A basic tap on the screen will cause your character to attack. The triple thrust combo is the main combo attack that connects three hits. This combo is very good in combination with Lock On. If you mark the monster’s head, you will be able to do more damage.

Swiping up toward the monster will activate the charging attack. The charging attack will hit the monster a few times and finish with one strong hit (more damage). This attack is good because you can always swipe left or right and evade the monster hitting you. You can also swipe again up and your character will jump while charging.

Monster Hunter Now Lance Charging Attack

Swiping back will activate defensive counterattacks. For this attack perfect timing is everything. Your shield will shine blue and it will be able to block incoming monster attacks. After that, your character will swing the Lance and hit the monster. This attack is very popular if you prefer a defensive style of play.

All Lances Analyzed

In Monster Hunter Now there are currently 12 different Lances available for you to forge. Every Lance has different elements affiliation, affinity, and strengths. Some of the mentioned weapons are found during special events, such are The Fortune Dragon Fans.

Iron Lance

Iron Lance is a basic non-elemental Lance. It is the easiest one to forge. In order to upgrade this Lance, you will only need Iron and Zenny. Iron Lance doesn’t have any affinity but has Poison Resistance skills (levels 1 and 2).

Kulu Lance

Kulu Lance also doesn’t have any element affiliation but has 10% affinity. This weapon is created from materials found while hunting Kulu-Ya-Ku and Monster Bones. Kulu Lance has Fortify skill levels 1 and 2.

Blooming Lance

Blooming Lance is one of the poison element weapons in Monster Hunter Now with no affinity. It is forged with Pukei-Pukei monster materials. Blooming Lance is good because besides regular attacks it can inflict poison damage. Its unique skill is Sneak Attack (level 1).

Carapace Lance

Carapace Lance is a strong defensive, non-element, and without affinity Lance. This weapon is upgraded by Barroth materials. The special skill Defense Boost level 1 (grade 4) and level 2 (grade 8) is the reason why this weapon is very good in defensive play style.

Monster Hunter Now Carapace Lance

Thunder Lance

Thunder Lance is a Thunder element weapon with no affinity. In Monster Hunter Now this Lance belongs to Tobi-Kadachi weapons, meaning you need this monster’s parts to upgrade it. Thunder Lance has Evade Extender skill level 1.

Monster Hunter Now Thunder Lance

Aqua Horn

Aqua Horn is a Water element Lance with no affinity. This Lance is forged and upgraded by Jyuratodus monster materials. Aqua Horn is very effective against water-weak monsters such are Kulu-Ya-Ku, Tobi-Kadachi, Great Giros, and Anjanath. It has a unique skill Last Stand.

Monster Hunter Now Aqua Horn Lance

Glacial Lance

Glacial Lance is an Ice element no affinity strong Lance. This unique Lance is created by rare Machalite Ore and Legiana parts. Glacial Lance is very important if you are planning to hunt down Diablos, Radobaan, and Zinogre. Unique skill Divine Blessing (levels 1 and 2) will provide the user with a 30%/40% chance to block 50% monster damage.

Monster Hunter Now Glacial Lance

Flame Lance

Flame Lance is a Fire element weapon without affinity. Unlike other fire element weapons which are based on the Anjanath parts, this Lance is forged by Rathalos parts. Flame Lance has Earplugs skill level 1, which allows you to reduce the effect of the monster roar.

Monster Hunter Now Flame Lance

Tusk Lance

Tusk Lance is a stronger version of Ice element Lance with 5% affinity. Similar to the Glacial Lance it is forged with Machalite ore but instead of Legiana parts you need to hunt down Barioth. Tusk Lance has Evade Extender level 1 Skill.

Monster Hunter Now Tusk Lance


Thunderpierce is as the name says Thunder element Lance without affinity. It is a strong and unique Lance because it is Zinogre based. Thunderpierce is a very hard to forge and upgrade weapon because Zinogre can be found only in Hunt-a-thones. This Lance has Artful Dodger Skill level 1 which makes your evasion easier.

Monster Hunter Now Thunderpierce

Bone Lance

Bone Lance is a non-element with no affinity weapon. It is a special weapon forged with weapon tickets found during the New Year event: A Happy Hunting New Year. The weapon is upgraded mostly with different types of bones material. Bone Lance has Concentration level 1 Skill.

Monster Hunter Now Bone Lance

Blue Tail

Blue Tail is a Fire element Lance and has no affinity . This Lance is also very hard to get because you need to hunt Azure Rathalos. As Azure Rathalos is a monster appearing only during special events in the Monster Hunter Now universe this Lance is powerful. Blue Tail is empowered with Special Boost Skill.

Monster Hunter Now Blue Tail

Tips and Tricks for Lance

Lance is a strong weapon that requires you to practice its use. This is very important if you want to kill monsters within the limit of 75 seconds. Understanding how Lance works in Monster Hunter Now will give you the necessary attack power to fight any monster. The best recommendation for Lance utilization is to perfect a defensive counterattack and charging attack combo. A combination of these two will make you unstoppable. All in all, this weapons requires you to play dynamically and combine all elements of combat in Monster Hunter Now.

Photo Credits: Monster Hunter Now

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