Mister Negative Deck Guide [December 2023]

Mister Negative Card cover

We’ll discuss the best possible Mister Negative deck-building options and different strategies to go with this build. Mister Negative has a unique On Reveal ability to Swap the Power and Cost of all cards in your deck; the card costs 4 energy and -1 power.  If you have any cards higher cost than their power, you can try and play them in a certain manner; and believe us we did as well. We’ve tested a bunch of different cards and we’ll present you with our very own deck variants that you could use. Just be careful if you play against Control Decks as they’re the best counters to Mister Negative Deck. Note that we’ve got a great Marvel Snap Beginner Guide if you’re new to the game. 

Mister Negative Deck Strategies, Tips, Tricks and Synergies

  • As we’ve mentioned the best synergy here is with the cards that have cost 3 energy and have a higher cost than their power. For example cards such as Iron Heart, Iron Man, Alioth, Mistiyque, Zabu, Shuri, White Tiger, Wong, etc. These are some of the most well-known and the strongest synergies with Mister Negative. 
  • Zabu or Psylocke are must-haves because they’ll help you get Mister Negative faster. This means that locations that offer extra energy are welcome and these include Tinkerer’s Workshop and Project Pegasus. Additionally, you can use Ravonna Renslayer who has an Ongoing ability that your cards with 1 or less Power cost 1 less. (minimum 1). Let’s not forget Magik who’ll extend the game to 7 rounds. 
  • Silver Surfer is the must-have card if you’re playing the classical Surfer Negative Deck. Since the Surfer gives all 3 energy cards +2 power. 
  • Wong and Mystique are two cards that have great synergy. Wong is a must in Mister Negative Decks as it’ll cost only 2 energy, and it’ll have an immense impact on the game. Mystique will copy the Ongoing Ability of Wong, plus it’ll cost 0 if you played Mister Negative before. 
  • Wolfsbane can work with Brood and Ironheart. The synergy between these three cards is immense and it’ll be a great power output. As for all other cards in Mister Negative deck, when the power and energy switch sides you’ll be able to play all 3 in one turn. 
  • WongBlack PantherArnim Zola is probably the best power output that you can get out of this deck. This is the holy trinity of power outputs if you have to play this combination even if you didn’t get Mister Negative, you’ll still have pretty good chances of winning. If you don’t have Arnim Zola,  Taskmaster will do, or why the hell does not include both of them in your deck? 
  • Jane Foster Mighty Thor and Mister Negative Deck are fun to combine with. Jane Foster has an On Reveal ability to draw all cards that cost 0 from your deck. This’ll hit as hard as a hammer on your final blow. Just imagine that you have a priority and you get Arnim Zola and it copies Jane Foster and Black Panther it’s a great power output and a win for sure!

Mister Negative Deck Counters and Weaknesses

The best counters for Mister Negative decks are Cosmo, Enchantress, Rogue, and Aero. Cosmo for all the obvious reasons is the worst card for any Wong deck or any On Reveal Deck. Enchantress is also death to Wong like decks and any Ongoing cards. Just Enchantress is an On Reveal card so it won’t affect your strategy in the long run. Rogue can steal any Ongoing abilities from your cards, so Iron Man and Wong can say bye-bye. Aero on the other hand is a bit of a problem as it can move some of the most important cards. This is really important if we’re counting on Arnim Zola or Wong and the card gets blown into another field. This is truly terrible such important cards get blasted into restored locations where you can’t play.

The biggest weakness of this deck can be that if you don’t have a lot of luck and you’re playing only with 3 cost cars of the classical Surfer Mister Negative deck, you’ll probably have a small power output. Another thing is that if you don’t draw Mister Negative from the deck before turn 4 don’t play him later on. Some players even suggest just retreating as you’re probably going to lose. If you’re playing Wong- Black Panther – Arnim Zola, that you might have a chance. On the other hand, a pure deck with mostly 3 cost cards won’t bring you any cubes, unfortunately. Just like with all other gambling simulator games, luck must be on your side. 

Surfer Mister Negative Deck

Surfer Mister Negative Deck

Deck Type: Tempo
Key cards: Zabu, Psylocke, Mister Negative, Brood, Wolfsbane, Ironheart, Magic, Iron Man, Mystique, Silver Surfer
Support cards: Rogue, Sunspot
Deck Code:


This one deck is a no-brainer, and all other variations require you to draw and play Mister Negative as fast as possible.  In a perfect scenario, you’d like to play SunspotZabu or PsylockeMister NegativeBrood, and Wolfsbane or IronheartMagik and Wolfsbane or Ironheart – Iron Man and MystiqueSilver Surfer. Let’s say that you’re playing Sunspot on the 1st turn and Zabu or Psylocke on the 2nd turn. On 3rd turn you’d like to play Mister Negative let’s say on the far left location (if possible). On 4th turn, you’ll be able to play Brood since it’ll cost 2, and Wolfsbane or Ironheart during the same turn. On the 5th turn, you’ll want to play Iron Man and Mystique on 1 or even better two locations. It’d be wise to use Magic just to add up more 3-cost cards and Roge even if you didn’t have to steal any abilities. Finally, on the 6th turn, it’s time to use Silver Surfer and give +2 power to all 3-cost cards.

This is a dynamic deck and you can experiment with this a lot. Mister Negative is back again and people love to play it since a lot of cards get a unique power-to-cost ratio once they get turned.

Negative Wong Deck

Negative Wong Deck

Deck Type: Tempo
Key cards:  Zabu, Psylocke, Mister Negative, Wong, Mystique, Shuri, Taskmaster, Iron Man, Black Panther, Arnim Zola
Support cards: Iron Heart, Jubilee
Deck Code:


In this variation we’ve dropped all 1-cost cards, so we’ll start on the second turn. If the Ego plays your cards in this order you’ll be sure to win: Zabu or PsylockeMister NegativeWong, Mystique, and ShuriBlack Panther and TaskmasterArnim Zola, Ironheart, and Iron Man. This will be a little tight to play, so you’ll have to count how many spaces you’ve got left on your board. The deck can be a bit tricky to play, but you’ll need more drawing luck than anything else. We’ll skip 1st turn and on the 2nd turn, we’d like to play Psylocke or Zabu. On 3rd turn as always Mister Negative. From this point on if you had luck with drawing the right cards, it’ll be pretty easy to win. One of the possible turn 4 combinations is black Wong; followed by Arnim Zola on 5th turn and Iron Man on the last.

If you were lucky enough to play Mister Negative on the 3rd turn, you’d like to go with Wong on 4th turn. On the 5th turn, you could play Shuri and Black Panther; while on the 6th turn, you’d be able to play Taskmaster to copy Black Panther’s power, after which you could play Arnim Zola to copy Panther if possible, or even better Wong and Panther (if there’s space), followed by Ironheart to give extra power and finally end it all with Iron Man who’ll double locations overall power. One good thing with this deck is that even if you don’t draw Mister Negative Black Panther, Shuri, Taskmaster, Iron Man, and Arnim Zola can help you win the game. 

Foster Negative Deck

Foster Negative Deck

Deck Type: Tempo
Key cards: Psylock, Zabu, Mister Negative, Jane Foster Mighty Thor, Arnim Zola, Iron Man, 
Support cards: Nebula, Magik
Deck Code:


This is the hardest deck of all 3 to play, in the sense that you’ll need a lot of luck. As you can see in this deck you’d like to draw Jane Foster Mighty Thor before you play Mister Negative, in case you won’t be able to play this game. The biggest deal with this deck is that you must not draw cards that have zero power like Mystique, Ironheart, Morhp, Darkhawk, Iron Man, and Arnim Zola. You can combine it with some other cards, but this is the best combo that we’ve tested. Let’s say the best case scenario would be to play Nebula on 1st turn, Zabu or Psylocke. Mister Negative on 3rd turn. On the 4th turn, you’d have to play Magik or Darkhawk, or again any of the cards that you’ve got; options are countless. Finally, in the 5th turn again you could play Jane Foster and on the 6th turn, if anything is left, you can play it. 

There isn’t a special combo here among the cards, but it’s fun and interesting to play. Especially since most of your opponents won’t see this coming, it’s a rare deck that I’ve personally not encountered many times; that’s why it works so well. To be honest I’ve never encountered this deck in my whole Marvel Snap experience. 

Image Credits: Marvel Snap

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