Ultimate Ronan Deck Guide [March 2024]

Ronan the Accuser has been accused of having a pity deck, but we’re here to convince you otherwise. A lot of players, especially beginners in Marvel Snap, don’t know how to assemble a good deck.  Also, game mechanics for this deck mostly rely on you putting a ton of cards into your opponent’s hand and deck.  This deck isn’t usually in the meta since it has a lot of counters, but once you get a handle on the game and if luck serves you, you can get to infinite in no time. Without further ado let’s go ahead and see how to assemble the ultimate Ronan deck. 

Ronan Deck tips and tricks 

Ronan Deck image of different Ronan Varients

  • Ronan is an ongoing card that costs 5 energy and has a default of 5 power. The card has an ongoing effect of +2 Power for each card in your opponent’s hand. This simply means that your opponent must have a lot of cards, especially by the end of the game. That’s why some of the best synergies are Master Mold, Rockslide, Crystal, Maximus, Spider-Ham, Korg, Black Widow and Baron Mordo; any card that is filling up his hand and possible deck with unwanted or unplayable cards.
  • Another good tip for Ronan Deck is to use Mystique to copy Ronan on the 6th, so you can double Ronan or possibly Task Master to copy his power level. 
  • Ms. Marvel and Iron Lad are two cards that you can see in a lot of decks nowadays, just like Jeff and it’s for a fairly simple reason; they’re simply really good and useful cards. We just hope that they won’t get nerfed by the time this article gets out. This is what happened to one of my all-time favorite cards Blob. Iron Lad has an On Reveal: Copy the text of your deck’s top card. While Ms. Marvel will give your adjacent locations with 2+ cards and no repeated Costs have +5 Power.
  • If you didn’t pick any card of 6 for the end the good pick is always Doctor Doom to fill all 3 locations with 5 power cards. Another good pick is Skaar in combination with Atuma as Skaar will cost 2 less (cost goes from 6 energy to 4 energy) for every card that has the power of 10 or more. Just be careful in this deck you’ll have to include Armor so Attume doesn’t self-destruct.
  • Cosmo can be counter for many on reveal decks, as Ronan is an ongoing card. You should watch out for what you’re playing since other cards in the deck are mostly on reveal. 
  • Wave and Sera are always welcome as they’re common cost-reducing cards. If you manage to play Ronan on any previous turn, that’ll help you a lot on the 5th turn as you can add extra cards to your opponent’s deck.  Wave is good in any case to reduce the cost of all cards to 4, but be careful as she’ll do so for your opponent too.

Ronan Deck Counters and Weaknesses 

rogue and enchantress

The most widely known counter for Ronan Deck is any deck that has Enchantress in it.  The Enchantress can remove the abilities from all ongoing cards on that location; simply say your Ronan will only have his basic 5 power. This can also be said for Mystique, as her ability will be removed too. On the other hand, the infamous Rogue is also a big problem as she’ll steam the ability from your ongoing card. Also if you play Cosmo and other locations aren’t closed or aren’t Ronan deck-friendly, you’ll have the upper hand; but if your opponent has Cosmo as well and he uses it on yet another location, you’re probably doomed. Most of the other cards like Master Mold, Maximus, Korg, Black Widow, etc. are on reveal cards.

The biggest weakness of the Ronan deck is the low power output if you aren’t lucky enough. To put it simply in this gambling simulator if you don’t pick the right card your faith will be sealed for good. This is similar to any of the Wong Decks if you’ve played them before.  Another great weakness of this deck and what this and most other decks are immune to are Control Decks. This could also be said for Toxic decks like Annihilus Deck. These decks are simply made to destroy your life and all of your nerves in an instant. So if you’re facing an Annilus or Control deck and you’re losing miserably by the turn 4 or 5 just retreat. 

Rookie Ronan Deck 

Rookie Ronan Deck

Deck Type: Tempo
Key cards: Baron Mordo, Maximus, Master Mold, Black Widow, Cosmo, Mystique, Shang Chi, Super Skrull, Ronan
Support cards: Nebula, Crystal, Jeff
Deck Code:


In an ideal situation, the gameplay should look something like this. Nebula as in most decks, goes on the first turn, on the second turn you should play Master Mold (it’s more toxic than Maximus and Baron Mordo). On the third turn, you should play Cosmo if you see the opponent is playing mainly on reveal cards; on the other hand, Black Widow is good too, just to stop them from drawing anything else. Super Skrull on the 4th turn is a must and on the 5th turn, it’s time for Ronan the Accuser himself.

Finally, on the 6th turn, you can combine cards like Mystique to copy Ronan’s ability and with an extra 3 energy, you can play Jeff, Crystal, Maximus, Baron, or any other combination to fill his hand.  This Ronan Deck is for beginners and it doesn’t require cards such as Iron Lad or Ms. Marvel.

Classical Ronan Deck

classical ronan deck

Deck Type: Tempo
Key cards: Spider-Ham, Ravonna Renslayer, Master Mold, Grandmaster, Armor, Mystique, Iron Lad, Darkhawk, Ronan, Iron Man
Support cards: Korg, Rockslide
Deck Code:


Let’s start right away with the Spider-Ham who might end the game at the very beginning, just imagine if he hits Living Tribunal or Knull on the first turn. In the second round, it’s best to play Ravonna since you’ll need it for Iron Man and Darkhawk later; if you didn’t pick her, either Master Mold or Grandmaster are also good to go. On 3rd turn, you can go with Darkhawk if you have him in your hands; while the 4th turn is either Iron Lad or Iron Man.

Ronan as always comes in on the 5th turn and finally, the 6th turn is good for Mystique and Master Mold or Armor and Korg (just increase power output a bit). Rockslide is useful as well as Korg as they’re filling opponents’ decks and that’s good for Darkhawk.  It’s not a bad turn to insert Absorbing Man and replace Ravonna with Zabu, so on 6th turn you can play Mystique and Absorbing Man.

Ultimate Ronan Deck 

Ultimate Ronan Deck

Deck Type: Tempo
Key cards: Master, Mold, Zabu, Maximus, Mystique, Cosmo, Ms. Marvel, Super Skrull, Shang Chi, Iron Lad, Ronan
Support cards: Nebula, Jeff
Deck Code:


The ultimate Marvel Snap Ronan Deck guide is this one. I’ve personally won a ton of cubes by using this deck and it’s still a great cube generator. This deck isn’t that hard to play. In an ideal situation, you’d like to play Nebula first, followed by possibly Zabu on the second turn. On the third turn, you’d like to play Cosmo just to close some of the locations, especially if the opponent is playing with the Destroy Deck or any on reveal deck.

On the fourth turn, it’d be best if you could play Iron Lad or Master Mold and Maximus at the same time. On the fifth turn, it’s time for Ronan the Accuser and finally, on the 6th turn I’d play Mystique and Mrs Marvel or Mystique and Super Skrulls; you decide depending on the situation. Here you can do a lot of different things, you can even play Shang Chi as he can destroy any stronger card.

That would be it for this article, we hope that you liked the strategies, tips, and tricks that we’ve provided you with. If you want to get to Infinite Rank in no time we’ve created yet another ultimate guide. Good luck!

Image Credits: Marvel Snap

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