Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier 7 Minions Ranked & Explained

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier 7 Units all 13, ranked

As you all know, in season 5 of Hearthstone Battlegrounds, new Tier 7 Minions have been introduced. We did talk about the usability of some of these units in our comprehensive Hearthstone Battlegrounds Guide but in this article, we will try to rank them and see which ones perform the best and which ones the worst. Without further ado, check out our complete list of Tier 7 Units in Hearthstone Battlegrounds ranked from worst to best.

14. Papa Bear

Papa Bear Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier 7 card

Probably one of the worst units out there in Tier 7 is Papa Bear. Although it does look strong on paper and it’s Deathrattle: Summon 3 Mama Bears effect seems OP, this unit has several issues. The first one is obvious, it’s a Tier 7 unit – and the fact that you are playing beasts probably means one thing: you have completed your Beast build with Banana Slamma as your key unit. The problem is that Mama Bear is simply not effective as you can’t move it left or right on the board – if you move it left, it’s not going to summon enough Mama Bears and they will die shortly after being summoned. If you move it right, you will summon enough Mama Bears but only after your key Deathrattle:Summon units already die so the bears won’t give the buff. So, as you can see, the effect is great but you don’t have the room to execute it – that’s why this is so low on our list of Tier 7 Hearthstone Battlegrounds minions. 

13. Obsidian Ravager

Obsidian Ravager

The main issue with the entire Dragon build in season 5 is the fact that it lacks proper tempo and buffs. Almost all units are decent but the fact that you can pretty much only buff by using various Battlecry minions which are not so easy to obtain is why we say Dragons are heavily nerfed. The same thing goes for Obsidian Ravager, a new Dragon Tier 7 unit – it has a minor Cleave effect but providing that you will get it probably later on in the game, the damage it does is simply not high enough. It is to be avoided unless there is a useful Hearthstone Anomaly in play that you can utilize to quickly buff it up. 

12. Granite Guardian

Granite Guardian Tier 7

Granite Guardian is an Elemental Tier 7 Hearthstone Battlegrounds minion that has a unique effect – it basically one shot’s the first minion that attacks it. This is an okay effect but the fact that it’s a Tier 7 minion really doesn’t work in its favor. There are so many better choices to go for on the highest Tier that this one simply doesn’t seem useful except in special cases. The only situation in which it performs well is if you get it early on and put it on the far-right side – it will probably destroy several opponent’s minions if you can buff its defense a bit. 

11. The Boommobile

The Boommobile mech tier 7

The Boommobile is a Tier 7 Mech minion that is Magnetic – and the only benefit you will get from it is Reborn and Windfury. Although it does provide Taunt and Divine Shield as well, you will probably already have that on all the minions that need it by the time you get Boommobile – and that’s why it’s so low on our list. Furthermore, we have seen players placing the Boommobile on Deflect-o-Bot and completely ruining their build. It’s a decent unit to get early on but other than that, it really doesn’t sit well with any kind of Mech build. 

10. Amalgadon

Amalgadon Tier 7 Unit

Amalgadon is a highly niche unit that won’t work well in most of the builds. The reason is that its Battlecry depends on a number of different units you control – basically, the main thing you are aiming for here is for Amalgadon to get the Poison and Divine Shield combo. That’s where its true power lies but since it’s so difficult to get and extremely RNG, this unit is not really reliable in any way.

9. Sanguine Champion

Sanguine Champion Tier 7 unit

Sanguine Champion has both Battlecry and Deathrattle that improve your Blood Gems. Obviously, this only works with Blood Gem Quilboar build so it’s a nice minion to have – but not too strong. The fact that half of its effect is Deathrattle and you can’t use Reborn on it (unless you are playing Lich King) means that you need to have this for a couple of turns on the field. Since its a Tier 7 unit, you probably won’t be able to do this so this is why we put Sanguine Champion in the middle of our Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier 7 Units list. 

8. Moira Bronzebeard

Moira Bronzebeard

Although Moira Bronzebeard has a unique effect, the main issue with this is the fact that you don’t really have a build that needs both Deathrattle and Battlecry effects to rely on. The closest thing to that are the Murlocs but at this phase of the game, you won’t be using Battlecries that much, and your Deathrattles should not be the problem as well. This is why Moira Bronzebeard is not a really good minion as there is no synergy between the effects that you get from her. 

7. Sea Witch Zar’Jira

Sea Witch Zar'Jira

Sea Witch Zar’Jira is another decent minion to have, especially if you are running a Deep Blue Naga Build. The main reason is the synergy that it has with Zesty Shaker – if you cast the spell on it, you will get the Zesty Shaker and be able to cast it again. However, as you can see, this is very situational and it’s a Tier 7 unit after all – that’s why you need to really think before getting it, as the synergy with other builds is not so great. 

6. King Varian

King Varian Tier 7 HS battlegrounds

King Varian is a semi-useful Neutral Tier 7 Hearthstone Battlegrounds minion. We say semi-useful because it really depends on the build you are going for – if it’s a high one like Classic Undead Reborn build, this unit works like a charm. The real question here is – do you need any Tier 6 units? If you do, King Varian is a way to go as it will provide 2 Tier 6 minions; also keep in mind that it’s not entirely random because the effect states “Discover“. 

5. Captain Sanders

Captain Sanders

Captain Sanders is a very useful unit. Although its effect is basically the same thing that Reno Jackson has, it is highly versatile and useful. You can turn any minion golden so this works with any kind of build – and more often than not, you won’t have all your minions golden, not even at this stage of the game. That’s why Captain Sanders is so good – it can easily turn the game in your favor, especially if you turn another Tier 7 Unit golden. 

4. Argent Braggart

Argent Braggart

As we move down to the best Tier 7 Minions, Argent Braggart is our next stop. This is a very useful minion to have in most situations – as it’s Tier 7, you will get it in the late phase of the game. In this phase, you will surely have at least one minion that is high in stats so that’s why we say Argent Braggart is so good – it will basically turn into your strongest minion. This is particularly useful when you have difficulties ramping up the stats of certain minions, like in Dragon builds. 

3. Champion of Sargaras

Champion of Sargaras Tier 7

Champion of Sargeras is an overall great Tier 7 minion to have for almost any build. Its innate ability to buff up minions in Bob’s Tavern giving them +10/+10 is obviously a very useful one. However, it works the best with Demons as the devouring effects that certain units have are highly dependent on the stats of minions in Bob’s Tavern. It also works well with Dragons as it bypasses the core problem that they have – lack of stats. 

2. The Oracle Morgl

Tide Oracle Morgl Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier 7 Minion

The Oracle Morgl is a nice addition to your Murloc build. It will buff up Bream Counter fast if you are lucky – and if you are not, well, at least it has a Poisonous effect. Try to predict your opponent’s lineup in order to maximize its effect – and if you can, put a Divine Shield on it so that it gets two units. If you are up against Mechs, move it somewhere in the middle as you don’t want it to hit something with Divine Shield. 

1. Recurring Nightmare

Reccuring Nightmare best tier 7 unit

Recurring Nightmare is, by far, the most interesting and something the most broken Tier 7 Hearthstone Battlegrounds minion. We already described how to make a full build around Reccuring Nightmare in our guide so feel free to check it out. In short, you need to boost your innate attack of Undead units and prey so that it jumps to the next minion that your opponent hits – but overall, more often than not, this unit works really well. 

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment 

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