7 Best Co-op Games Like Deep Rock Galactic [2024 Update]

Games like Deep Rock Galactic collage of printscreens from various games

Rock and Stones everyone! Let’s keep this one brief: In case you got tired of Deep Rock Galactic we prepared a shortlist of top 10 games most similar to DRG. We will focus on the similarities based on the essence of Deep Rock Galactic: 4-man-co-op, mission-completion, team-against-the-horde dynamics, and perk model. One might argue that there is no game like Deep Rock Galactic but hey, since you are here, let’s see at least which ones come the closest. On a side note, if you are not tired from DRG, feel free to check out our latest grenade tier list in DRG as we are sure that you will find some useful pieces of information in that one. 

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 

Warhammer Vermintide printscreen
Photo Credits: Fatshark

Released back in 2018 and developed by Fatshark, Vermintide 2 has made a significant impact on the gaming world and acquired a strong fan base, especially amongst the fans of Warhammer universe. The game is essentially a 4-man co-op, much like Deep Rock Galactic, in which teamwork is a necessity. The game actually falls into a first-person melee genre which is not something that you see very often. Vermintide 2 follows a mission-based structure, adding another layer of similarity with DRG. Standing strong at around 3000 players daily, this one is a must when it comes to survivor co-op games to try. 

Left 4 Dead 

Left 4 dead printscreen game
Photo credits: Valve Corp.

Probably the game that broke the 4-man-vs-horde model to the world is Left 4 Dead. It’s no surprise that this is the case as the developers are Valve Corporation, the same guys who made Dota 2, Half-Life, Portal, and other mega-popular games. Sure, there were games before L4D that offered similar concepts none achieved the same level of acclaim. Maybe the reason is that other games were not played in Breaking Bad, but it is what it is. Left 4 Dead is a pretty straightforward shooter in which you and 3 other players (or bots) face the zombie hordes. The game does offer missions although the maps are pretty similar and the concept of each one is the same – fight off the undead and try to escape. 

Payday 2

Payday 2 printscreen
Photo credits: Overkill Software

Released in 2013 by Overkill Software, this game offers something special. It’s a bit of a long shot here, but hear us out – there are reasons why Payday 2 is on our list of games like Deep Rock Galactic. In terms of setting and the general theme, the game is not similar to DRG but the essential model of 4-man-co-op is there. In Payday 2, you are essentially a criminal trying to make big heists along with 3 other teammates. The game allows you to upgrade your gear, and select various missions that can be either sneaky stealth ops or all-out shootouts and many other things. 

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 printscreen
Photo credits: 2K games

Released by 2K Games, a major game publisher and often regarded as the best first-person shooter in the industry, Borderlands 2 is a great game to try if you are looking for a FPS-ARPG (First Person Shooter – Action Role Play Game) challenge. The original was released back in 2013 but it had many DLCs and extra content since then. Unique art mixed with quirky humor is another thing that drove many players to Borderlands 2. 

Gunfire Reborn

Photo credits: Duoyi Interactive Entertainment

Developed by Duoyi (Hong Kong) Interactive Entertainment Limited and released in 2020, Gunfire Reborn is a first-person shooter supporting up to 4 players in a team. Much like Deep Rock Galactic, the game features a number of various heroes and missions to select as well as the upgrade-gear-and-perks model. Gunfire Reborn has a roguelike feel to it since the game is about tacticizing and stealthy missions. Levels in Gunfire Reborn are procedurally generated meaning that it has that replayability element as well. Stylized and very vibrant art is another thing that players love in Gunfire Reborn so be sure to give it a go!


Warframe printscreen
Photo credits: Digital Extremes

Warframe is a cooperative third-person shooter released back in 2013 by Digital Extremes, a Canadian game studio. The game has both solo and multiplayer mods with an emphasis on PvE content. The teams are up to 4 people which is a reason why we put this title on our list of games like Deep Rock Galactic. The storyline is a unique one as it follows the group of ancient warrior races (Tenno) awakening in the future and finding themselves in war. Players get many kinds of exoskeletons (Warframes), each one having unique abilities thus giving diversity to the game. 

Warhammer 40k: Darktide

Warhammer 40k Darktide game printscreen
Photo credits: Fatshark

One of the newer titles of games similar to DRG is Warhammer 40k: Darktide. There is no need to explain the 40k universe as we are positive that you know what it is about. We will say that this game is on our list because of it’s 4-player-team mechanics. As a player you will get to choose who you want to be: Veteran Sharpshooter, Ogryn Skullbreaker, Psyker Psykinetic, or Zealot Preacher. Not only that, but the equipment is also customizable making this game replayable and offering various options and strategies for players. Although this game is similar to DRG, the thing which in our opinion is very different is the overall setting. DRG as we all know has more of a lighthearted approach where as Darktide has a grim-dark atmosphere to it. 

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