Ultimate List of 10 Best Space TV Shows

When it comes to the best space TV shows, the competition is really fierce. There have been numerous shows that involved space and science fiction in their themes so we had difficulties filtering the ones that focused solely on space travel and revolving topics. Surely, one might argue that Stranger Things is a show that explores the topics of space and multiverses – but in this list, we focused primarily on shows that are about space exploration and have most of their plot happening in outer space. Without further ado, check out our list of best space TV shows.

Firefly [2002-2003]

Firefly TV show cast
Photo credits: Fox

If your year of birth starts with 19 we are sure that you remember this classic. Firefly had a short history as only one season aired back in 2003 before Fox canceled the show. Many netizens agree that this was the worst mistake Fox has ever made – Firefly didn’t have a single bad episode and the cast was absolutely amazing. Not many shows in history have such a dedicated fan base after only one season and without any kind of book or comic source material. The only reason for Firefly not being our number one on this list is the fact that it is so short – only 14 episodes. If you still haven’t seen it, although it was canceled, watching this classic is a fun way to spend a weekend as this is surely one of the best Space TV shows of all time. 

Killjoys [2015-2019]

Killjoys space TV show cast
Photo credits: CTV Sci-Fi Channel

If you are not a deep sci-fi fan or are simply looking for something a bit more lightweight and action-focused, Killjoys is a good choice when it comes to space TV Shows. The overall impression is that this is a lighthearted, and generally speaking enjoyable, exposition-driven series in which Hannah John Kamen shines in her lead role. The show focuses on the advantures of space mercenaries and most of the episodes can be watched as stand-alone ones. So yeah, you can sit back and enjoy the action – but it is also notable that the main plot intensifies and develops as the show progresses. Killjoys has a total of 50 episodes spanning throughout 5 seasons. 

The 100 [2014-2020]

The 100 TV show
Photo credits: The CW

This is one of the shows that was initially produced for younger audiences and most of the actors are in their early twenties but due to the popularity it gained, it became so much more. Although the first few episodes started out strong, the quality of the script somewhat deteriorates in “filler” seasons but comes back strong again in the final. Some parts of this space TV show might be a bit cheesy and cosplay is kinda of strange but overall, it was a fun ride – especially since the ending was delivered nicely. Elisa Taylor, Bob Morley, and Marie Avgeropoulos are the leads and their performance was decent in the first season but also progressively better as the show moved forward. 

Mandalorian [2019-present]

Mandalorian printscreen
Photo credits: Disney +

Well you know, it’s baby Yoda and Pedro Pascal in a Star Wars setting – what’s there not to like? No seriously, Mandalorian is one of the (few) good shows that Disney delivered lately – the visual effects are stunning, the main plotline is interesting, the characters are well-developed, and is a fun watch. No point in describing the plot – just by looking at the screenshot above you can get a pretty good picture of what this space TV show is about. So far, 24 episodes have been released across 3 seasons – and more are to come.

Orville [2017-present]

Orville TV show cast
Photo credits: Fox

We wrote about Orville in our list of Best Fantasy TV Shows of all time – and we still think that this show is highly under-ranked. It has it all; that true Star Trek vibe that Star Trak reboots miss so much; the overall chill style of humor throughout the show; quirky dialogs and generally well-written characters. Almost all the episodes are stand-alone so there’s no need to binge-watch this – unless you get hooked on it. We enjoyed the first 3 seasons and we are positive that you will as well. 

Farscape [1999-2003]

Farscape TV show
Photo credits: Sci-Fi

If you thought that Firefly was a blast from the past, take a look at this jewel of the science fiction world. Farscape was, and still is, one of the best space TV series for a reason – its unique plot, 90’s fantasy vibe, great cosplay and fantastic choice of actors are what turned so many viewers into fans of this classic. We know that the show is old but it is worth your time. Even if you watched it before it’s still a good candidate for a re-watch as, unlike so many other space TV series, this one really stood the test of time. 

Expanse [2015-2022]

Expanse printscreen
Photo credits: Amazon Prime

The Expanse has been one of the most recent successes of Amazon – or better said, Amazon and SyFy. Based on James Corey’s novel as the show’s source material, SyFy ran Expanse for three seasons until canceling it in 2018. The decision was baffling as this was, and still is, one of the best shows they created judged by both, the audience and the critics. Whatever the reason was, Amazon Prime saw the opportunity and picked up the show, prolonging it for 3 more seasons. The first three seasons were more sci-fi oriented as the final three leaned more toward exploring space politics – but it all came down nicely in the series finale. 

Stargate SG-1 [1997-2007]

Stargate SG1
Photo credits: Sci-fi

For all the 90’s kids, this is a well-known classic. SG-1 is simply good all-around – the plot, the acting, the costumes, everything except the action which is kind of outdated now when you watch it. However, keep in mind that this show was filmed more than 25 years ago – and as such it surely deserves a place on our list of best space sci-fi series. We won’t get too much into the plot – basically, there are Stargates all around the galaxy and we discover one on Earth. You get a pretty good idea of what happens next – enjoy watching this show and reminiscing about sci-fi shows of the old. 

Star Trek: Next Generation [1987-1994]

Star Trek Next Generation
Photo credits: Paramount

Star Trek is a well-known franchise to all science fiction fans – and there’s no need to describe any plot from this show as it’s one of the most well-known franchises around the world. We just wanted to give this series a well-deserved second spot on our list – and if you haven’t seen it in a long time, it’s time for a re-watch. We guarantee that it’s going to be a much more immersive experience than watching new remakes. 

Battlestar Galactica [2004-2009]

Battlestar Galactica ship
Photo credits: Sci-Fi

So, it all comes to this. This is, in our opinion, the best space TV show of all time. Sure, some other shows had a longer run, and visual effects are better in modern ones – but when it comes to delivering an original story, and producing a true science fiction experience, nothing can come even close to Battlestar Galactica. The show is good for many reasons but the most obvious one is that it covers so many topics and provides an immersive experience for a viewer. It’s also a very long story, a very long journey that came to a satisfying (depending on who you ask) ending. If you haven’t seen it, forget what we wrote about the other shows on our list – watch this one first. 

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