Marvel Snap – Guardians Greatest Hits

Guardians the greatest hits

Marvel Snap season Animals Assemble ended, and we are all glad it did. As we expected after the controversy at the end of the season Days of Future Past with card Kitty Pryde, the next season was intended to settle things down. During the last seasons, we finally find out how powerful are the game mechanics and competence of the development team. On the 18th of April, the patch was released. And in the expectancy of the new Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 movie, we are all looking forward to the promising new season of Guardians Greatest Hits.

The game mechanics issues

The controversy that happened at the end of the Days of Future Past season with the game crashing after playing the newly released Kitty Pryde card is finally over. The development team has announced that they have been exploring fixes for issues caused by this card. Unfortunately, they could not solve the issue, because it would require fundamental changes to the current game engine. The solution was the redesign of Kitty Pryde’s abilities. The developers decided to choose the simpler way, that will preserve her abilities at most.

  • Previous Design – Kitty Pryde: You can return this to your hand to gain +2 Power.
  • New Design – Kitty Pryde: When this returns to your hand, +2 Power. Returns at the start of each turn.

The other mechanic problem that I have found includes one of my favorite 1 cost cards Elektra. She has an On Reveal effect to destroy a random enemy 1 cost card at this location. But, the mechanics often don’t work on the first move. Where is the catch? New in-game mechanics don’t allow her effect to take place if you are first on the move on that turn. This often leads to the message No Target, but on the other side is obviously 1 cost card that waits to be revealed. I really hope that the mechanics will be changed so we can enjoy her abilities again.

Animals Assemble Marvel Snap season recap

The previous Marvel Snap season brought us new Marvel animal heroes and a lot of personalized content. The personalized content aimed to get you closer to your favorite cards and to stylize everything depending if you are a dog, cat, or even shark person. Two new locations have been introduced, Pet Mansion and The Sandbar. Pet Mansion requires that on location reveal, in that turn, all cards must be played here. While The Sandbar prohibits cards with abilities to be played here. Like other Marvel Snap seasons, Animals Assemble brought new cards:

  1. Hit Monkey – On Reveal: Gain +2 Power for each other card you played this turn.
  2. Jeff the Baby Land Shark – You can move this once. Nothing can stop you from moving or playing this to any location.
  3. Stegron – On Reveal: Move an enemy card from here to another location.
  4. Snowguard – While in your hand, this transforms each turn into a Hawk or a Bear
  5. Snowguard Hawk – On Reveal: Ignore all Location abilities next turn.
  6. Snowguard Bear – On Reveal: Trigger the effect of this location.

New Patch explored

The latest Marvel Snap Patch was released on 18.04.2023. and it included some major changes. The shop novelty includes new Collectors Tokens and a Token shop for them. The players that reach Infinite Rank will only match against other Infinite Rank players. The Developers found a way to fight game addiction, which is why playing the game for around 10 hours will stop you from earning Season Pass XP for the remainder of the day. The patch balanced some cards:

  • Shuri: Previous – On Reveal: Double the Power of the next card you play. Update – On Reveal: If you play your next card here, double its Power.
  • Leech: Previous – On Reveal: Remove the abilities from all cards in your opponent’s hand. Update – At the start of turn 6, remove all abilities from cards in your opponent’s hand.
  • Lockjaw: Previous – After you play a card here, swap it with a card in your deck. Update – This effect takes place only once per turn.
  • America Chavez: Previous – You always draw this card on turn 6, and not before. Update – Starts at the bottom of your deck. Draw this on turn 6.
  • Jubilee: Previous – On Reveal: Add a card from your deck to this location. Update – On Reveal: Add the top card of your deck to this location.
  • Leader: Previous C6/P7 – On Reveal: Copy all cards your opponent played to the location right of here, but on your side. Update C6/P2 – On Reveal: Copy the enemy card(s) with the highest Power played this turn but on your side.

Marvel Snap Guardians Greatest Hits

With the new Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 movie, Marvel thought that the best way to promote the movie through the game is for the May season to be called Guardians Greatest Hits. The new Marvel Snap season brings a new card – Nebula into the focus. The Season will explore the vast Guardians of the Galaxy universe.

New cards and locations

If you are a Guardians of the Galaxy fan like me, you will be delighted with the new famous locations – Milano and Deep Space. The Milano location will allow you to play cards here only on turn 5. Meanwhile, Deep Space will have played card text at this location disabled. Alongside Nebula, four new cards are presented in this Season:

  • Nebula – Each turn your opponent doesn’t play a card here, +2 Power. (except the turn you play this)
  • Howard the Duck – Ongoing: Tap this to see the top card of your deck. The release date is the 16th of May.
  • Iron Lad – On Reveal: Copy the text of your deck’s top card. The release date is the 9th of May.
  • High Evolutionary – At the start of the game, unlock the secret ability of all your cards with no abilities. The release date is the 23rd of May.
  • Living Tribunal – Ongoing: Split your total Power evenly among all locations. The release date is the 30th of May.

The New Marvel Snap season brings new and very interesting cards on which we will build our decks. The expectations are high and we are looking forward to seeing how will the Season turn out. We prepared a few decks based on Nebula. As the cards are being released we plan to create decks with them.

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