15 Best Stellaris Soundtracks: Editor’s Choice

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We all know that there are a lot of amazing Stellaris soundtracks, and since I like game OSTs in general, naturally I explored everything Stellaris had. This Stellaris Soundtracks list is my personal opinion and what I generally found to have the most “personality”. I’ve also went around to see what people like to see if there is a general consensus on which OSTs are the “best”.

Not so much to my surprise, I’ve found out that generally people like the same Stellaris soundtracks across the board. While there are some “good ones” that a lot of people liked and that I didn’t include, the vast majority of them are also what the community loves. Also, a lot of soundtracks are from Stellaris DLCs (as you can see from the YouTube cover), so you may hear some of them the first time if you don’t have all the DLCs.

Again, this is at the end of the day my personal opinion, since OSTs are naturally subjective experiences. That said, it can’t hurt to play with the lists a bit and share my thoughts as a Stellaris player.

15. Into the Dark

While this OST isn’t my favorite, I generally like the vibe of it and it fits the game very well. I’ve also seen that a lot of the community likes this one a lot.

14. Towards Utopia Nova Flare

While this soundtrack sounded a bit convoluted at first, it really grew on me. It’s one of those OSTs that you don’t catch at first, but over time, it becomes one of your favorites. This one comes in the Human Species DLC just FYI.

13. Distant Nebula

When I was searching for Stellaris soundtracks, I found Distant Nebula because of its very distinct tones in the OST which are very mesmerizing. It’s one of my favorite “chill” soundtracks in the game.

12. Riding the Solar Wind

Riding the Solar Wing is also a pretty interesting soundtrack to me because it has a high pace and unique spacey tones. While it was meh at first, it really grew on me because of its uniqueness.


11. Pillars Of Creation

You may find this OST a bit boring, but when you’re playing the game for several hours, you don’t always want aggressive battle music. This song fulfills that role perfectly, just because it’s lengthy and has a relaxing tone to it.

10. Robo Sapiens

I’m a big fan of anything machine-related in Stellaris, and that goes for the soundtracks too. Robo Sapiens just feels it’s made for someone who is playing with a machine empire.

9. Journey Through Galaxy

Journey Through Galaxy isn’t my favorite soundtrack, but it just blends so well with the game. While there are a lot of soundtracks that have a similar style and also fit the game a lot (I’m talking about that chill, synth-wave, space OST style), I picked a few of them that I found the best.


8. In Search of Life

Just like Journey Through Galaxy, In Search of Life is also a very classic Stellaris soundtrack. It just fits the game perfectly with the whole mysterious space vibe.

7. Assembling the Fleet

This is the perfect “war OST” where the game pace is high. While it’s hard to rank the OSTs because there are different types (chill, atmospheric, war,…), I would put this one pretty high on the list, as well as “Hostile Fleet Detected”, which has a similar “battle vibe” to it.

6. Deep Space Travels

This one didn’t really come to my attention until I saw some YouTube comments liking it and pointing out that this is the favorite part in the 5 hour Stellaris OST playlist. They are not wrong, it’s a very cool OST.


5. Hostile Fleet Detected

While I was searching for OSTs the first time I played Stellaris, I was confused about this OST, since there are a few of them that have “Fleet” in the name. Namely “Assembling the Fleet”, “Hostile Fleet Detected”, “The Imperial Fleet”, “Supermassive Fleet”, and so on. The two I like the most out of the “fleet” OSTs are this one and “Assembling the Fleet”, which is also on this list.

4. Nemesis Main Theme

We played a lot of Stellaris when Nemesis came out, and this song was always on the main menu. The boldness and just the hardcore war vibe it has contrast some of the more chill, spacey OSTs that the game has, and I love it for that.

3. Creations And Beyond

Everyone that played Stellaris for a bit knows this song. I don’t know why, but it feels like this song just feels super “natural” in the background while playing the game. It just fits the Stellaris (Grand Strategy in Space) genre the best out of all Soundtracks. It feels like it will go well with literally all the games like Stellaris that have a space vibe to them.

2. Faster Than Light

When I first heard this Stellaris soundtrack, it felt like I heard it many times before, but I couldn’t pinpoint where I heard something like this before. Then it hit me, it’s extremely similar to Interstellar OST which is undoubtedly one of Hans Zimmer’s best works.


1. Synthetic God

For me, this OST always hit differently and had that next-level machine vibe. I remember one of the YouTube comments saying how the OST builds up slowly, like an empire, and then it just goes faster and faster, representing development. While it can be a close tie with Faster Than Light, I feel like this OST never gets old and will always have that super cool machine empire feel to it.

Final Thoughts on Stellaris Soundtracks

Gaia World Stellaris Wallpaper

I honestly wrote this out of pure passion for the OSTs in this game, and again, I recognize that it is a very subjective list, since there are a lot of Stellaris soundtracks to choose from. One more thing that caught my attention is the OST from the newest Stellaris Machine Age DLC. It felt dystopian and I really liked the composition in that trailer, and given the comments in the YouTube section, the Stellaris community liked it as well.


If you’re looking for a more in-depth guide on Stellaris game mechanics, I suggest you check out my newly updated Stellaris ship design guide, I’ve also added designs for each endgame crisis.

OST Credits: Paradox Interactive

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