7 Best Strategy Games Like Frostpunk [2024 Edition]

7 best strategy games like frostpunk cover

There are plenty of strategy games like Frostpunk, so we picked our favorite ones that resemble the style, mechanics, and gameplay of Frostpunk the most. In this list, we will be looking for games that have a good amount of complexity, have a good story, and are fun to play, above all else. While some of these games don’t have every aspect of Frostpunk, they do resemble Frostpunk in some way, whether that is resource management, story-telling, or the distinct survival atmosphere.

While Frostpunk is a very unique game because of its distinct atmosphere, there are plenty of other games to scratch that “strategy” itch. While Frostpunk 2 is just around the horizon, we will have to find alternatives in the meantime, and who knows, maybe some of these games will “outperform” Frostpunk and become your new favorites. So without further ado, here is our list of 7 games like Frostpunk.

7. Banished

banished gameplay screenshot
Credits: Shining Rock Software

Banished is similar to Frostpunk in a lot of aspects. You are set in an isolated settlement that is founded by exiled travelers. Your job is to survive by building the correct infrastructure, managing resources, and dealing with adversities like fires, depression, disease, weather, and starvation…you know, the regular stuff.

The graphics and art style of the game are timeless. The main downside of the game is the lack of complexity and replayability that some other games like Frostpunk offer today. Nevertheless, if you love the idea of a simple town manager, give Banished a chance.

6. Surviving Mars

surviving mars by paradox interactive
Credits: Paradox Interactive

Surviving Mars is a unique city builder because of its setting in (you guessed it) Mars and is made by Paradox Interactive, a studio that is responsible for Stellaris, a game we really love. The game revolves around managing your resources, and building a good infrastructure, and employs some interesting ways of doing so. It can be rough for beginners so take your time in learning the game.

The game has some resemblance to a Sim City style of gameplay, with some aspects of Civ-type games of population management. If you like these types of games and the whole Elon Musk Mars colony aspect, we suggest you try it.

Note: We highly encourage you to get the Space Race and Green Planet DLCs, as they provide a lot of important content that makes the game much more enjoyable. Project Laika DLC (more buildings) is also fine, and other DLCs are not necessary at all.

5. Rimworld

rimworld screenshot
Credits: Ludeon Studios, Double Eleven

If you’re into strategy games, chances are that you’ve seen or heard of Rimworld. It is in its essence a sci-fi colony simulation that explores various aspects of biology, geography, military tech, ecology, climate, and much more. The game is the peak of management system/survival types and also has very cool stories and plot twists. Each playthrough will be unique and once you get into this game, the replayability will be very high.

The game shines through the colonists that you have and their backstories, character traits, and high customization. It combines aspects of science, human nature, resources management, and game events in a very exciting way. Moreover, the game has been around for a long time so be assured that it is running smoothly, and has a lot of content in it. If you skimmed over Rimworld a few times, we suggest you give this game a chance.

4. Factorio

factorio screenshot
Credits: Wube Software

While Factorio is really a city-builder, it has that same unique mysterious survival atmosphere as Frostpunk. The game’s mechanics and overall progression are satisfactory and we consider it one of the best games of all time. The reason for this is the developer’s ability to execute this idea of automation perfectly. 

It combines this unique element of automating everything in the game with the survival/gatherer mechanics. Moreover, the game itself has been optimized and updated regularly for the last 5+ years, even though it’s essentially a single-player game with no micro-transaction shenanigans.


ixion as one of the games like frostpunk
Credits: Bulwark Studios

IXION is a relatively new game that heavily and obviously resembles a Frostpunk-style game. The “soul” of this game is its story and uncovering the secrets behind the lore of the whole universe that the game tries to present to you. The theme, music, and various aspects of building the infrastructure are very engaging, but there are some issues.

The game is not really beginner-friendly, especially if you haven’t played too many strategy games. Some of the micromanaging systems can be frustrating and the game can punish you if you make a few mistakes that are not that obvious. Nevertheless, if you tried to get into it and like this type of game, the theme, and the story are excellent and we highly recommend it.

2. This War Of Mine

this war of mine as one of the games like Frostpunk
Credits: 11 Bit Studios

Firstly, we have to mention that This War Of Mine is a game from 11Bit Studios, the game that made Frostpunk. Naturally, this is a plus from the start. The game is in a warzone setting and heavily revolves around a story aspect of the war itself, rather than combat. Each playthrough will be different and the dark atmosphere of war can’t be missed. 

It really isn’t for the lighthearted since it wants to convey the horrible sides of war itself. The situations you get yourself into, the atmosphere, and the music itself paint a depressive feeling. The goal of the game is to survive until a ceasefire is called and you will probably fail for some random reason for the first few times.

1. They Are Billions

they are billions
Credits: Numatian Games, Blitworks

This game is similar to Frostpunk in a survival sense, but the game itself is much more combat-oriented than Frostpunk. It sometimes feels like playing Civilization 5 and Starcraft 2 combined. The game has a lot of systems and heavily relies on your skills for planning and finding optimal strategies for resource management, this part is similar to Frostpunk.

Where the divergence comes from is the combat system. The game has a lot of RTS elements that require you to micromanage your troops when fighting enemy invader zombies. Even though the combat system is not complex, it is executed in a good way, and playing it feels satisfactory. All in all, we would consider They Are Billions as one of the top picks when looking for games like Frostpunk.

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