Mech Tribe In Hearthstone Battlegrounds

In this guide, we will cover all the Mech minions and how they go in the overall mech comp. We will go into detail for each minion and explain a bit about how they interact with other mechs, as well as how powerful they are in the current meta. There won’t be any specific builds as that is all explained in our full Hearthstone Battlegrounds strategy guide. In this format, go over all the mechs try to separate them from the final build, and explain them in terms of game progression.

Tavern Tier 1



Annoy-o-Tron isn’t really a must-pick at Tavern tier 1, but he does have Divine Shield and Taunt, which can be useful as the game develops. He is especially good if you have something like a Pointy Arrow to enhance his power and make use of his Divine Shield.

Cord Puller

cord puller

Similar to Annoy-o-Tron, this minion is one of the rare ones that has Divine Shield and the start and is considered a good early-game pick because the Divine Shield + the Microbot from the Deathrattle are annoying to deal with.

Tavern Tier 2



Picking up Lullabot in the early stages is kinda awkward. On the one hand, you think that it is good because it will gain stats over the next several turns, but losing that one spot for an actual minion is sometimes bad because you can’t really sell the attached Lullabot. Nevertheless, it is a fine play to attach it to a Divine Shield minion early on, but it’s not as strong as it seems.

Zilliax Modules

Zilliax modules are a mess in the current meta. They are very random, difficult to obtain and most of the time end up having a mediocre impact on the game. Nevertheless, we will shortly go over all of them and explain their use cases:

  • Zilliax: Bonding Module – The most important module since it enables magnetization of the assembled module.
  • Zilliax: Claw Module– Has Taunt, nothing special here.
  • Zilliax: Crystal Module – It’s a strong pickup early game, and Reborn is rare on mechs, but it’s not that powerful magnetization.
  • Zilliax: Defense Module – Also a strong pickup early game, but Divine Shield is present almost everywhere and magnetization with final assembled form isn’t that special.
  • Zilliax: Smoke Module – It’s interesting on paper, but currently nobody really benefits that much from stealth. Sure something like Augmented Laborer can be good, but that’s a niche situation really.
  • Zilliax: Whirring Module – This one is good for Foe Reaper 4000 since he really benefits from Windfury.

All in all, the Zilliax modules are not bad, but simply the random nature of them and the fact that there are a lot of them simply don’t play out that well in the real game. It’s only really good late-game if you have a lot of Gold to find them and get stuff like Reborn, Windfury, and Stealth that you can’t get with “regular” magnetizations.

Tavern Tier 3


accord o tron

Probably one of the most important Magnetization in the game. Picking up this minion at Tier 3 is almost never a mistake because it’s just good value. If you happen to get a few of these with stuff that generates Magnetization minions, you are on a good path to victory. The reason for this is that Mechs don’t really have that many resources as everything revolves around attaching stuff and full commitment to specific units. A few Accord-o-Trons can make your game x10 times smoother with the extra gold each turn, especially if you have Polarizing Beatboxer and the attachment doubles.



Deflect-o-Bot has been known as the “main minion” that carries the game and for a good reason. The ability that grants him, Divine Shield, every time you summon a mech is extremely annoying to deal with, especially if the RNG is on Deflect-o-Bot’s side. He can sometimes gain 3, 4, or even 5 times Divine Shield in one if you have Deathrattles that summon Mechs (Mechanized Gift Horse, Replicating Menace, etc).

Murgl Mk II

murgl mk II

Murgl Mk II is an interesting one. This minion is very good if you have a few Taunts and summons and that will somewhat guarantee that his ability triggers. He is good for mid-game tempo, since he will boost your army every turn, but isn’t really necessary for late-game. The most overlooked thing regarding this ability is the fact that it is also applied to the Murgl Mk II himself, which is very beneficial. The “hand” part of the ability benefits more the Murloc Tribe since they are more “hand-based” than mechs.

Replicating Menace

replicating menace

While Replicating Menace can be used for many things in the midgame (things that work with a lot of summons, like Murgl Mk II), the best use case for it is to magnetize everything in order to trigger the Deflect-o-Bot’s ability to gain Divine Shield. The more minions have this magnetization, the higher chance your Deflect-o-Bot will hard carry the game.

Tavern Tier 4



Annoy-o-Module is one of the key magnetizations because of its Divine Shield + Taunt property. Basically, you can place it on everything except Deflect-O-Bot, since you want to force aggro away from them in order for them to regain Divine Shields. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. One thing to note is that you can cast it on Foe Reaper 4000 (because he naturally doesn’t have Divine Shield and really needs it), and then find Tricky Trousers in order to remove the Taunt from it.

Mechanized Gift Horse

mechanized gift horse

The primary reason for this minion in your comp is for it to summon mech stuff, and trigger your Deflect-O-Bot’s ability over and over again. The “summon inside a summon” horse mechanics that are very beneficial for Deflect-O-Bot. Other than that, there isn’t anything special that this unit does for the whole Mech comp.

Utility Drone

utility drone

This minion is where your late game starts to develop. Utility Drone will buff up your Mechs a lot, especially once you get several magnetizations on your mech, and if you happen to find Drakkari Enchanter. In the mid-game, around Tavern Tier 4, where your army is probably still mixed, and you don’t really have much magnetization, Utility Drone isn’t anything special. But, in the late game, your Mechs will gain more and more attachments and this minion will ensure your board doesn’t fall off.

Tavern Tier 5

Augmented Laborer

augmented laborer

We are going to be honest, we don’t like this minion. Since it’s tier 5, getting it in a crucial dangerous phase of the game where you want actual tempo or resources, the Avenge ability is a bit underwhelming. You need a good setup, you need to be somewhat lucky not to get sniped, and even if you do get the magnetization, it’s really nothing special. The most useful thing you can get here is the Windfury magnetization for your Foe Reaper 4000. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t a bad minion, but the game phase and the unpredictable nature of it aren’t really ideal.

Charging Czarina

charging czarina

This minion has nice tempo, as well as some late-game stat gain. The logic is pretty straightforward: You will have a lot of Divine Shields, and casting a few Spells for the Attack gain is a very good mechanic. The best combo here is to also have Whirling Lass-o-Matic which will provide you the spells that will work with Charging Czarina. All in all, a good balanced minion.

Scrap Scraper

scrap scraper

A must pick up. Scarp Scraper is essential to any mech build since the ability is just too good. Magnetization minion on Battlecry and Deathrattle also is simply amazing. This can further be exploited by minions that trigger Battlecries, like Draconic Deathscale. Really, the true commitment to a mech comp is probably best made once you get Scrap Scraper.

Support System

support system

While this minion is Duos-Only, and we mention him in our Hearthstone Battlegrounds advance duos guide, we will mention him here, since he is a mech after all. He is just a very good support minion that is used for the “supporting” player to provide permanent Divine Shields on their partner’s board, which is just extremely powerful.

Tavern Tier 6

Foe Reaper 4000

foe reaper 4000

At first glance, this is a simple minion that has Cleave and some decent stats, but the real complication and power lies in the magnetization part. As we already mentioned, you should get a Divine Shield on Foe Reaper for Annoy-O-Module and remove the Taunt with Tricky Trousers. Moreover, it’s very powerful to find a Windfury for him, most likely from an assembled Zilliax (Magnetize+Windfury+Divine Shield Zilliax optimally), or with special magnetization demon-mech with Windfury you can get from Augmented Laborer. Buffing him additional with more magnetizations and Utility Drone, you can see how Foe Reaper 4000 can carry the whole game.

Polarizing Beatboxer

polarizing beatboxer

Polarizing Beatboxer should be your top priority in the mid-late game. The copying of magnetization is very powerful, and getting a few Accord-o-Trons is very good for your economy since you will replicate it on Polarizing Beatboxer, once you attach it to another mech. This applies to all other magnetizations and combined with Utility Drone, you can see how Polarizing Beatboxer poops off in the late-game.



Untameabull is an interesting one. The first thing to point out is that it has a lot of stats and is very good for tempo, but the good things end there. The main issue with Untameabull is that it’s very unreliable. More often than not, the ability doesn’t get triggered and it just dies without gaining Divine Shield. Sure, once it has a ton of stats it’s good, but given the fact that it’s a late game Tier 6 minion, we would much rather have other Tier 6 mech minions, since they are much more…straightforward.

Whirling Lass-o-Matic

Whirling Lass O matic

Whirling Lass-o-Matic is one of the best “resource-gaining” minions. It almost guarantees you get at least two random spells after each battle, and it has decent stats with Divine Shield and Windfury. It can also just be a good standalone resource-farming minion that you will later sell if you happen to shift builds. All that said, do note that it’s extremely RNG-based, since you can get everything from Pointy Arrow to something like Eyes of The Earth Mother, which is obviously wildly different.

Tavern Tier 7

The Boommobile

the boommobile

While you won’t see this mech in most games (only with Thorm, Stormlord), it’s worth mentioning him. As you can see, he is essentially the all-encompassing ultimate magnetization minion that grants a lot to its host. The obvious choice to cast it on is on Foe Reaper 4000. That said, he is pretty underwhelming for a Tier 7 minion, especially if you compare it to some other game-changing ones like Champion of Sargeras.

Photo Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

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