Will We See Evil Con Carne Anytime Soon?

Evil Con Corne

Evil Con Carne was one of the best spinoffs the Cartoon Network produced. The show had great characters and memorable catchphrases, my personal favorite was “Let’s Dominate The World Together.” Evil Con Carne is a blend of dark humor, eccentric personalities, and the quest for global domination which makes it an original CN show. Back in the day, you knew that you were watching an original Cartoon Network cartoon because it usually had a darker tone. Background stories and characters usually didn’t have great beginnings and for the most part even worse endings. As usual, nothing that’s creative and “different” can stay with us forever, and Evil Con Carne wasn’t an exception. Let’s see what went wrong and what happened with Evil Con Carne.

Evil Con Carne

Analysis and breakdown of Evil Con Carne show [2001-2004]

The show Evil Con Carne was an in-between cartoon and later a spinoff of Grim & Evil. Later, the shows split into The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Evil Con Carne. Evil Con Carne is a show about a supervillain, Hector Con Carne, who wants to conquer the world. Hector was also a super hot zillionaire playboy, and his face was never revealed, but all the ladies loved him. No wonder with that Latino accent, handsome tall body, and lots of cash. It was later revealed that Cod Commando sneaked into the lab and tricked Hector into destroying his mansion; hopefully, the girl who loved him the most, Major Ghastly, kept his stomach and brain alive, in jars in her fridge. Later she attached domes with brain and stomach to a cute purple circus bear, Boskov. Since I started playing CoD at the time, I always thought that Cod Commando’s name had dual meanings like fish and Call of Duty since it parodies G.I. Joe type of shows, and CoD is still today one of the best games in the FPS genre.

Major dr Ghastly and Agent Heidi

Cartoon Network loved to make at least one episode of a musical, and that was “The Pie Who Loved Me”; even the name is a parody of a James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me. There are numerous songs, and the episode was both warm and hilarious at the same time. General Skarr is the backstabbing general and one of the most evil characters from Cartoon Network of all time. I’ll never forget what Skarr told his robotic Brutus-son, Skarr Junior: “Stick the knife in his back and twist… twist… TWIST!”, with his sick smile. With a general like Skarr and an army of incompetent idiots, Hector Con Carne was doomed to fail. He only needed a miracle or something more special like a birthday or a wish or perhaps something even better. The Christmas special was also pretty good when Hector and his forces wanted to plant mind-control devices into kids’ toys. Rupert the Green-nosed Reindeer, who happens to be a bodybuilder, saved the day since the Snowman who narrated the story told him that he was the only one who could save Santa and Christmas.


Memorable Characters from Evil Con Carne

Good Guys: Boskov, Cod Comando, Ensign Slaughter, Abraham Lincoln, Kablamity Jane, Destructicus Con Carne, Tony

Bad Guys: : Hector Con Carne, Major Dr. Andedonia J. Ghastly, General Reginald Peter Skarr, Estory, Professor Death Ray Eyes, Cataclysma, Agent Heidi

Does Evil Con Carne need a reboot a sequel, or none?

Bunny island

This show deserved a sequel back in the 2000s, but not nowadays. If the show couldn’t be kept just like Billy and Mandy could, that would be perfect. It’s not a secret that it was too much work for both Maxwell Atoms and Cartoon Network, so they had to cancel one show, and Evil Con Carne was probably the best choice in the end. Billy and Mandy had more characters, and it was simpler to continue making a great show like “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.” It’s the 9th episode from season 7, episode “Company Halt,” which is when we see Skarr and Hector for the last time together. Hector, together with his army and Major Doctor Ghastly, comes to Skarr’s house to make an ultimate plan to dominate the world. This time, Hector builds hundreds of gigantic Rubber Band Tanks and tries to destroy Endsville but fails and gets defeated by Skarr.

After he was crushed by a thumb from the Rubber Band Tank, Hector didn’t die; just his army left him, and Major Doctor Ghastly ran away as well. After the army fled, only General Skarr remained as a neighbor of Billy, who had his very own episode right after “Company Halt” called “Anger Mismanagement.” By definition, this was the final episode of Evil Con Carne, and in its end, Hector failed like he always did. Anyway, this is what we got and it was great. It could’ve been longer, as I’ve said, but I think that there isn’t any need for a comeback. Especially since Cartoon Network has changed a lot alongside its management, and the comebacks such as Powerpuff Girls or Ben 10 didn’t get a high rating, and for a good reason. Some things should just stay dead – in a nostalgic way.

Image Credits: Cartoon Network Studios

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